November 21, 2020
Look at the Hand
We make caricatures out of people and, thus, diminish their lifetime of achievements for temporary pleasure or victory.
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Location Challenges
One of the questions that people ask me is, “Why is it that all the jobs I want are someplace else?” They ask me, “What should I do? Why aren’t the jobs here?”
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C x 5 = PL What Employers Look For When They Hire
What does a company want to find out about you when they interview you? What are they trying to find out when they evaluate and assess you?
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A recent conversation with a consultant after a successful interview reminded me of a coaching session I did years ago with a young business school graduate
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The Interview from the Employer’s Perspective
EP 2005 Most job hunters spend all their energy focused on their interview performance but little time thinking about what the firm is looking for
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Where Should I Sit?
Where should you sit in the reception when you are kept waiting?
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