STOP Being Filtered Out On LinkedIn! Embrace Market Value Filters and Be Found

By Kevin D. Turner

Kevin D. Turner explains how using the correct filters will bring you into search results, instead of being invisible.


Building a Strategic Network on LinkedIn


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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19 Responses
  1. Kristi Meenan

    Whoa about those dates. So if you leave them blank recruiters won’t find you. If you’re old and include dates you’re likely to be passed up because of those dates? What’s the poor jobseeker to do?

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Its definitely a bit of a Catch 22, Kristi Meenan. I lean towards being found myself and figure any company who would disqualify me on age in their search practices wouldn’t change their ways, if I made to an interview. Putting those dates in there might be the biggest time saver. #KeepRockingLinkedIn!

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Depends on yours, [In]’s or anyones definition of ‘active’ Jackie Adams. Activity stats we see flying around often are less than 5% Create Content consistently, 10 to 15% Engage, 30%+ are what I like to refer to as Learners (quietly consuming knowledge) & the rest are fairly dormant for the most part. As I understand it, [In] has always avoided Gender Filtering because they felt it could lead to or be used for inappropriate targeting. Sad when good purpose get punished by the few bad apples. #KeepRockingLinkedIn!

  2. Jackie Adams

    I’ve noticed a lot of LI users who don’t use the hashtags but their tag line kinda alludes to what they do. Have you seen this? What do you think?

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Absolutely, Jackie Adams, your headline, is like your networking introductory handshake and it follows you wherever you go on [In]. It does have both a Bot (SEO) and People component to its attractiveness.

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Eliot Hartsock, what does 😥 ‘Promo SM’!! mean?

  3. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

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  4. Dan Rey

    Great suggestions Kevin – I get to check “some” college since I attended a four year University for three years!

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Michael, its cool when you look at LinkedIn as the worlds largest dB of 900M+ Resume Profiles, you start to see the value in using the Market Value Filters to increase find-ability.

  5. sbensoni

    Great tip regarding including dates for education for the “experience rich”. I had no idea that leaving off the years would exclude you from some searches. For me, that’s not a big issue as what I do now is unrelated to my degree. For others that could be huge.

    1. Keep Rocking LinkedIn w/ Kevin D Turner!

      Thats why we share these [In]sights, Sara, becuase usless we can see whats happening on the other side, we just don’t know. Spread the word and let’s help everyone to #KeepRockingLinkedIn!

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