No BS Job Search Advice: Location Challenges

Location Challenges

One of the questions that people ask me is, “Why is it that all the jobs I want are someplace else?” They ask me, “What should I do? Why aren’t the jobs here?”

I get a kick out of this question. The answer is: it’s not under your control. The jobs are where they are. Why don’t you just move? Yes, there are the children and yes, there is the house, but the children in that equation are the only ones that aren’t disposable.

You can change your circumstances and move to another part of the country where there’s more work in your industry. Look at it this way: the impact of not changing jobs is that you’re always going to always be behind the gun in the job market. It costs you money by being intransigent to change. This economy is extremely dynamic and that dynamism calls for you to be always prepared to change. There was a time when the Fortune 500 list of the largest businesses in the United States was monopolizing companies that made buggy whips. The last time I looked, they’ve long since disappeared.

Now the economy is far more explosive. Jobs and industries are coming and going very rapidly and dramatically. Your responsibility to yourself and your family is to be prepared to meet change head-on, to swim with the river current as opposed to against it. The only thing that happens to people who swim against the stream is they drown.

You will be so much better off if you prepare your family to be able to move from time to time. I’m not talking about every year, but periodic moves for your family that will serve your career will go a long way toward allowing you to achieve your objectives.

This brings us full circle to what we talked about in the very beginning, which was first getting clear about your values… Because if your family comes first or stability is a priority for you, then you have to take a different approach. You’ll have to seek out career channels where you can make financial gains without moving around a lot.

There is a price that we pay for every decision that we make. If your goal is to be the top dog in a certain type of organization, mobility should be part of your repertoire.

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