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There are many things that are broken about hiring. I have a strong opinion about one in particular.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Great question today. What's totally broken about hiring?

Many of you are going to point to the applicant tracking system as being broken. It's the black hole and is. And you shouldn't be applying there and it is broken. The job it does is mediocre. It's based upon criteria that are best amateurish.

What else is broken? Many things. You know that firms are searching LinkedIn instead of reading resumes. And it's now based upon whether your profile has the correct keywords. That exists with job boards, too. But to me, that's a, again, a secondary thing.

I want to go to what I think is the biggest one, because it's a complete blind spot for most hiring professionals. That's true whether you're a manager, that's true in HR. It's the notion that you're able to hire for fit.

Now, the only place where I see some validity to what most firms do is if you're in a sales organization, and you find that your client wants to work with extroverts, you don't want to hire introverts and vice versa. But that's the exception, not the rule. The rule is that firms believe that they can assess and figure out whether someone can fit into a group. And let me just quickly dispel that notion.

When job hunters come in on interviews, do you think they're, they're candid and open or do you think that they're trying to sell themselves to you and create a good impression? I think it's the latter. It's kind of like a school child, at least when I was growing up, who tries to be on good behavior in order to impress the teacher. That's the way most job hunters are. They're like school children trying to impress the hiring manager, who's going to be their future teacher. So they're on good behavior.

Now, the other side of this is, so are you. So was your hiring manager. So, was HR. And I say that because, even if you think you're 100% normal, I have never heard of a hiring manager ever saying to a job hunter, "you know, I got a real problem here. And my predecessor got fired and her predecessor failed and it doesn't figure out. . . It doesn't take a genius to figure out that my butt is on the line. I need to hire someone who's going to save my ass. "

They all put on these happy smile button faces. They all talk about this terrific opportunity with a great team of people. All this kind of BS! And then you start the job, you discover the truth. your coworkers are psychopaths, or they're just completely disengaged, bored, boring. The work isn't exciting; you're getting all the crap. And the result winds up being hiring for fit is a lie. For you as a job hunter, you have to kind of push through the facade and dig in a little bit deeper, and ask about what's wrong in the organization. Why did the last person leave? What about the one before them who sat at that desk leave? How long has this person been in the role? When do they expect to get rotated out? And other things that are allowing you to deduce what's really going on? Who's your problem person? What makes them a problem person? Everyone's got a problem person. Everyone's less talented.

"Oh, we've got no problems around here."

"Okay, why did the last person quit? They obviously weren't happy, right?"

"They moved, oh, they got a better opportunity."

"Really, what made it a better opportunity than what was here. Oh, they got a promotion." Oh, they couldn't get a promotion there you can think to yourself.

Lots of little details that surface beyond the idea "fit." So, that's where I always zero in on-- fit.

I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this helpful. My website is TheBigGameHunter.us where I've got thousands of posts that will help you hire more effectively manage and lead more effectively, job hunt, much, much better. I can help you improve your interviewing.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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