EP 1920 What’s One Thing That Would Instantly Make You Delete a Resume? A sincere question from someone I coach is the cause of the video. I actually offered two answers for why I would delete a resume.

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Today's video, basically it answers a question that someone I coach asked me that's related to what causes a recruiter corporate, a third party to instantly delete a resume. What makes you immediately dismiss it?
Knowing that I worked in search for many years, it was an easy question for me to answer. So, let me give you two answers, not just one. Answer number one is, in six seconds, I can't see (actually I used to do it in less than six seconds) but in a few seconds I can't instantly see how a person fits. I have no use for this.
The second thing (and understand how my practice worked for why I say this) an international resume was of no value to me. So, people in Asia would send their resume to me for jobs stateside. Understand how the US visa system works and they're asking an employer in the US to interview, hire, sponsor, relocate and a whole bunch of other things that my clients didn't want to do. They were willing to take this person on from a consulting agency who would handle all that legwork but had no interest in doing that themselves.
So, the two things that would cause me to delete a resume instantly without any trepidation whatsoever-- no fit whatsoever. I might put it in my database if it related in some way to searches I've been involved with or I can anticipate my clients being involved with, but would I contact this person? Absolutely not. It's a waste of my time. I've received spam from someone.
Same thing with the overseas resumes from Asia, Latin America, Europe made no difference where was. If it wasn't US based, it was pointless to me.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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