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This is 1 of my shows in my is stupid interviews series that I've been doing. It involves not asking questions, will not be asking great questions.

Sometimes you walking completely unprepared and you are kind of frozen. Thus, when they ask, "So do you have any questions for us," you respond by saying (stupid voice), "No, you have done a great job of explaining everything to me." That's not the right answer. They want to make sure that you have insightful thinking, that you demonstrate a certain amount of care your questions, so is important to ask questions.

I just want to mention I have an e-book available on Amazon for, I think, $5 and that my website. It's called, "No BS Questions You Should Ask on Any Interview." It is a series of questions that you can ask on an interview.

So when they say, "So do you have any questions for us," they're not just asking them about the job. That's my advice to ask at the beginning of the interview, you should ask about the job before the interview really starts. So the end of the interview, I don't really what you're asking about the job because you will of the ready asked that question at the beginning of the interview and they have already covered it. I want to asking some of these questions.

I they got into these 2 into the book and I will add them shortly but, in the meantime, I want to make sure that you the best advice possible.

There are 2 great questions to start off with.

Some of the ask the question, you can step in and say, "Let's say you hire me and I come on board, what you expect I will be doing and need to accomplish during the 1st 30, 60 and 90 days after I join?" This is going to give you an idea of the acclimation process and how they are going to measure you at the beginning of your employment there. I think it is a great question… And now comes the greatest question you can ask.

"So it is a year from now and it is time to give me my review. I have a just a good job. I have done a spectacular job. As a matter fact, my work is been amongst the best that you have ever seen. What what I've accomplished during that year that would cause you to think that way?"

Ding ding ding ding ding! Home run question!

Don't just glide over the 1st one and go to the 2nd. You need to know, what they will be expecting from too.you at the beginning of your employment, Do the 1st question then go to the 2nd next. They use some of my additional questions from the book.

You will demonstrate that you are a great fit, that you are smart and will close out the interview very well.

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