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Here’s a question from someone about whether or not to follow up on their resume after it is submitted through the applicant tracking system.

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The question for today is, "I uploaded my resume to a company. Should I follow-up?"

Follow-up can have many dimensions to it. A lot of people think follow-up means, "as soon as I finished uploading it." You get on the phone and call the recruiter/the company/whomever and say something to the effect of, "Hey! I just applied for a job!" Don't do that, please. What will wind up happening is you will never get through and, if you do, you will be interrupting someone who you given no time to actually receive your resume, just to say or do something that works for you.

You see, the system automatically transmits your resume. It's not like when you uploaded it there was a system fail and they didn't receive it. You probably got an acknowledgment that was uploaded successfully. So why would you follow-up immediately? All you're doing is looking for attention. You want their attention on your resume.

Give them 24 hours and then put the phone call in and simply say, "It seemed like there was a little bit of the system thing on my side and I just want to make sure that the upload worked. If not, I will do it again. I didn't want to create duplicate data in your database. Would you be kind enough to just make sure that the upload worked. By the way, if it did upload correctly, that you have a chance to look at my resume? If not, that's okay. Could you give me a sense when you might be able to get back to me. If you are interested?"

In this way, you are not being a nag.

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