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EP 1715 People seem to think of networking in two ways–LinkedIn and formal networking events. Here, I speak about people and places you are forgetting to networking.

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Most people think of networking in 2 ways. Number 1 is they have to go to a formal place to network like a networking event or LinkedIn. That's it.

Thus, I thought I would do a video talking about some of the other places and people where you can network because they have ideas and they are out in a different strata than you may be, talking with different people. Remember, networking isn't just simply (at least for job search perspective) what your friend can do for you to get you an interview, it’s who your friend knows who you don't.

The statistics, as I say frequently, or that 70% of jobs are filled as a result of networking and 70% of the 70% (or 49% of positions) are filled as a result of introductions to people your network knows who you don’t. So, here are couple places and people that you can network with to.see if they can be of help.

1. Neighbors. I know it may feel embarrassing to talk to a neighbor about your situation but it's a good place to do it because they know you, like you, may trust you, they may respect you personally and, as such, it's good to take the relationship to another level.
2. Relatives or the ultimate embarrassment – – the parents! If your parents are working, they don't know people. Engage your neighbors, relatives, classmates you went to school with. These are people who you have a relationship with already. It may have been years but check in with them. Rekindled the relationship and then connect and stay connected with people.
3. I spoke in terms of going to a formal place to network. Here are a couple of other alternatives that you may already be doing or may be a part of where you can do some networking. One is groups you belong to. Clubs you belong to. People you play sports with you. If you belong to a gym, there are people that you work out with on a daily basis who see you. You can walk over and start a conversation with them about their workouts and then move on to other things. The gym is a great place. I have gotten clients through the gym.
4. If you are a graduate of a particular school, there is an alumni association; you can try connecting with them.
5. I already friends of friends by asking for referrals and introductions.
6. Your church, synagogue, mosque or meditation center. These are people who see you all the time. That Can be the clergy people there, as well. I know my wife, who runs a meditation center in our town refers people to me constantly because the people in her center start talking about their situation and she immediately points them to me for help.
7. If you belonged to a military group, if there are people that you served with, these are wonderful individuals to connect with.
8. If you are part of a volunteer organization or professional association-- these are great places to network.

There are many many more but I just want you start thinking expansively.

I remember a classic story that someone told me about getting a job from someone he ted, was talking with on the line in a supermarket. Admittedly, this was in New York. There were lines. It may not exist in your city or town. You may be the person who goes to the self-checkout line.

No matter, I am just trying to get you to think creatively about different alternatives.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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