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Today, we discuss another of the mistakes people when networking.

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This video continues an idea that I have to discuss networking mistakes that people make. It is the notion of not meeting enough people. A quick story they'll do from the notion of all the stories that you hear in sales. Networking is a sales process.

1 of the classic sale scenarios is about salespeople who give up too soon. There are people who give up at the 50 yard line. The 20 yard line. The 10. The 5. The 1 yard line. The 1 inch line! And they never pushed through to the other side of victory. They give up prematurely.

Not meeting enough people kind of falls into that category. People may go to a networking event or reaching out to folks. You may talk to 1 or 2 people and not get results. You give up. That goes back to the notion that I mentioned in the previous video about impatience. In your lack of perseverance, you give up much too soon. After all, you are not masterful at networking yet, your practicing with different people. Maybe you've gone to the wrong place or spoken with the wrong people.

However, for job hunters, the statistics are that more than two thirds of positions are filled as a result of networking. For businesses, particularly solopreneurs and small businesses, 1 of the best ways to build your business is through your network of relationships. Putting yourself in the position of meeting people, not just to, you know, but people who you know who you know people outside of your original comfort zone.

The idea is to always be reaching out, to practice reaching out and not everyplace that you will go is going to be a successful meeting. That should be considered a given. By reaching out to others and doing the work and creating the relationships – – I'm not talking about being best friends – – by periodically reaching out and reconnecting, your network will start to grow, and more opportunities will come to you. AND they come to you more easily.

Again, back to the patient's idea, if you think this is going to happen in a day, a week, or a month, you are wrong and you are giving up, in a job search case, 2/3+ of the potential opportunities that could exist for you as a result of your impatience.

The notion is to put yourself in the position where people get to know you, like you, respect you and trust you. I think we've all heard the expression, "Know, like and trust," but I think respect is a big part of the equation. After all, we may know someone, we may like someone, we may trust them, but were not going to refer them unless respect them and what they do.

I want to encourage you to put yourself out there more frequently. Keep talking to more folks. I don't care if you are a small business owner, a big business owner (Lord knows there very successful major salespeople who do a purely through their network. There is something there, right).

Get yourself out and about talking to people. You will find this will help you. Don't just stop simply because 1 or 2 didn't work out for you. It has got to become a part of your regular repertoire.


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