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EP 2023 The short version of what happened was that a family friend who is a resume writer didn’t complete the job because of an illness. When the job hunter finished it, they made a small mistake and didn’t correct it. When the interviewer asked about the placeholder job that was in the resume, it was accurately explained and the rest of the interview went on without a hitch.  How badly will this affect my chances?

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Here's a fun situation. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, by the way. And I
coach people and yeah the situation that someone talked about was you know they
discovered there was a mistake in their resume mid interview how it happened
Real simple. They had a family friend who's a resume writer who was working
on the resume, took sick. This person finished it up, at one point
putting a placeholder job there forgot that they had done that in the interview
they are asked about that job and suddenly there's an oops moment which
they say they gracefully explained off and the conversation went very
well except for that moment and they're concerned that this is going to hurt
their chances. And the answer is . . . possibly. The hard thing is that
everyone makes mistakes. I make mistakes. You make mistakes. The interviewer makes
mistakes and some of them are harder on other people than on themselves so what
I would do here is forward a revised/ corrected resume to them and just
simply say I just wanted to make sure you had the accurate information about
me sorry for the mistake and move on they'll appreciate the revised resume
and if they're not going to move on they're not going to move on it probably
has nothing to do with that mistake since you explained what had happened
and you saw the look on their face. If the look on their face was you know, that
stupid sigh that basically says "what were you thinking of it you think you
Were going to fool me," look on their face then you're out of luck. But it didn't sound
that way from the way that you described it. So just give them a revised resume and
move on. Hope you found this helpful. I'm. Jeff Altman. My website is
Go there and go exploring. There's just a lot there to help you. In
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hope you have a terrific day and be great
take care


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