Six is to listen for when interviewing someone

I spotted an interview with Bonita C. Stewart, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Google on where she wrote about 6 things she looks for when she interviews for beyond the job description


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There was a wonderful interview I spotted on with Bonita Stewart, Vice President of global partnerships at Google, where she talks about six qualities that she looks for, or listens for when she interviews someone. I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Here's what they . . . what she spoke about.

Number one, transferable skills and experiences. And she speaks about expertise can be obtained in a number of different ways, not just purely academic. So, for example, someone without a master's degree might have gotten tremendous experience through personal projects, or hobbies, or a side hustle. Don't trivialize those experiences. Dig for them.

Number two, ask questions. Lots of them. She wants people who ask questions because it shows a natural curiosity. But it's easy to find answers to a lot of questions. But she suggests coupling a fact with an open ended question, to drag a personal perspective on a strategic topic. Doing this, you know, really brings out certain qualities in an individual you might not find out about otherwise.

Number three-- accomplishments, but don't make it all about yourself. So, you know, for the job hunter. It's important to talk about relevant experience, of course, and what you've accomplished. But she likes to find people with a winning mindset, and thus doesn't claim credit for everything. It's a bonus, she says, when a candidate acknowledges the help and guidance they've received along the way, no matter how small, or how big.

Number four, she looks for someone who takes ownership of their mistakes. Messing up and having the courage to talk about it is a quality she always takes note of in a good way, because, after all, everyone makes mistakes. So it's important to acknowledge them, and talk about what you learned from them.

Next, and this is number five, personal agility. This is something I'm covering in an upcoming interview with someone. But it's the notion that technology is accelerating tremendously. And thus, where business transformation is the norm, it's important that people study the company and identify what unique perspectives they bring to an organization. So she looks for candidates who are eager to be helpful to clients, so that when an industry evolves, they can make they have the right talent in place to come up with creative strategies.

Number six, and this is the last one shows that you work well with others. Collaboration is the key to her. And thus, building a team is more about one hire, it's about the skills and strengths that complement one another so that they have a diverse workforce, but it's not about tokenism. It's about an individual able to define, I'm quoting her here, defining the quantifiable benefits you bring. Self Awareness is a big one. Team members, particularly leaders can transmit their feelings, whether positive or negative to others. And if you're self aware, you're more likely to spread encouragement for positive energy. So looking at it from the hiring perspective, look at it from the job hunter perspective. I think it covers both.

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