January 31, 2021
Get Your Face Out of Facebook | Career Angles
I use Facebook as an example of the time people waste on nonsense when they could be doing more meaningful things for their career or their lives.
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The easiest way to look like a subject matter expert
How do you become known as a subject matter expert? This really is the easiest way to do it and it is so much easier than it used to be! Let me explain how.
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The Hardest Words
So often, the hardest words we have to say are in short sentences of three.
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The Billion Dollar Staffing Mistake
Businesses send their inexperienced HR professionals and hiring managers out to evaluate and assess talent with little more than a pep talk. and an "If you screw up, it's on you," warning.
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Earn $54000 More Than You Do Now Over The Next 5 Years!
If you are like most people, you are finding it more difficult to pay your bills as easily today as you did a few years ago. After all, gas prices are much higher. Commuting costs are higher. Food prices are increasing. Health, life and auto insurance costs are increasing. The cost of your morning coffee...
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