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By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Here are some ways for you to know that this is a job offer you should turn down.

Signals You Should Turn Down an Offer and Not Negotiate

Here are some ways that are easy to spot to let you know, you should turn down a job offer. Now I want to be make it simple for you. Obviously, you should turn down an offer if the money’s too low, the work sucks, and the company’s business is in the toilet. Let’s put those aside for a second. I’m gonna give you 10 More.

Number one, and I think this is really the important one, the only good thing about the job is the money. Everything else is not really interesting or exciting or doesn’t give you  that feeling that you should do it. Number two, you have questions and they won’t answer them, or they seem annoyed that you are asking them. They’re dating. And that’s the way it is on interviews. It’s a dating situation. Each of you is trying to impress the other. And if they’re gonna respond by saying, ‘we talked about that two weeks ago,’ or they otherwise seem annoyed, or they won’t answer at all, your BS detectors should go off.

Number three. There’s something incongruent between what was discussed in the interviews (for example, hours or travel), and what the offer letter says. Always read the offer letter just to make sure. For example, in the interviews, they talk about a nine to five job, but in the offer letter, they talk about something a lot more extreme, or in the interviews, they talk about 10% travel, and in the offer letter, it talks about up to 75%. There’s a message in that. Next one, number four. The firm has a bad reputation, which can be for their business or how they treat employees. Doesn’t matter. It’s going to affect you. And there’s a message that they have a bad reputation. It’s not because two people complained about something. It’s because 200,000 or 2000, people complain about their experience of this firm or what it’s like to be employee.

How Do I Turn Down a Job Offer With Class When The Money Is Too Low?

Number five, the job responsibilities seem vague as explained. And they use catchy terms like we’re going to give you work. And then we’re going to expect you to do work. I forgot the language to use, but you’re just not sure about the responsibilities and then tie that in with and then they don’t want to explain or give you clarity about it. Number six, getting benefits is going to take a long time. Now you can pay for benefits. Like you can go to the Affordable Care Act or healthcare.gov and get benefits, but you’re going to pay for that probably. So, when they talk about ‘Oh, we’ll get you onto benefits in six months.’ Huh?. And you’re not used to that. There’s a message in that.

Next, the commute is going to be hellish. I had one of those commutes at one point, I did it voluntarily. And it was a long commute, like two hours each way. I knew what I was getting into. I did it for a long time. But I also had one of those kinds of careers at that point where I could set my own hours. And thus, I did work on my commute, like I did have Wi Fi to work with. But if you’re not use to this, it’s going to be like hell.

Next thing number eight, they act disrespectfully toward you. They cancel interviews. They’re constantly late for appointments. They ghost you for long periods of time and only respond to messages, whether text or email, after multiple little nudges. The interviewer seems rude to you. Remember, this is like dating. You always want to feel like someone’s interested in you and they’re not treating you like a slab of meat, right? Number nine, there’s no upside to the job. You’re going to do this same work in the same way forever. And who wants to do that? When you ask about career opportunities, like ‘Where can I go from here? What’s the upside of this role?’ And they don’t have an answer for you. There’s a message in that.

And last, your gut tells you something. Now, I’m a believer in the BS detector. You know, I smell BS here and you may not have words for it. But when all is said and done, there’s just a feeling that you have that tells you not to do it. You don’t have to quantify it. You just know at a deep level, this isn’t right for you. Pay attention to those feelings because I know for so many people, myself included, that those feelings are signaling something to me that I should pay attention to.

The Smart Way to Turn Down a Job Offer


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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