People have a goofy idea about personal and career branding. Let me set the record straight.

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I'm Jeff Altman and I coach people and organizations to play their game
big, to be more successful in the world, to not play
small, but to be HUGE! And I want to talk to you individuals.
It can be as a solopreneur, small business, but I want to talk to you
person to person and clear up a myth about branding.
Now, people have this notion of branding from watching tv.
You know, my detergent is so wonderful.. Everyone is so happy with the way my
wife makes the laundry look white. That's how
branding is thought of--it's detergents
and the fact that . . . well let me let me put it succinctly.
When you buy detergent in the store, have you ever picked up a container of
detergent, looked at the list of ingredients and compared it with another
and said to yourself, "Oh! This one's going to make my wash
much brighter than the other one!" Of course, not. You make the assumption
that they all do the same thing and you buy on the basis of the price,
whether or not you were told to buy it,, whether you have a coupon
anything other than the belief that one will do a better job than the other.
That's branding. That's the notion that
this toilet paper is going to be better than another toilet paper
because they told a little story in 20 seconds
that made me think, "Oh I should buy this one."
Well, personal branding is a little bit different. It doesn't come from the
industrial mindset that tv has. It come from the industrial mindset that
basically says, "We want to sell boatloads of stuff
to a mass audience," and you can't do that. You can't get the eyeballs or the
Attention span to do that with a mass audience.
All you can do is be yourself and tell your story
and get your message across to people.. Now, here's where I'd like to encourage
you, whether it's in your life or in your
work, what's your core? How do you
try and help people? What energy do you put out into
the world? Now if you're a big slug of some sort who's a consumer
of all things, who people are throwing inputs at, well,
you're pretty normal. But the question is where can you be heard and for what can
you be heard? What's your message? What is it that will
allow you to stand out from the herd and have
something valuable to tell people and help people
with. That doesn't mean you have to create all the content by yourself
but it does mean that you may want to share things that make sense
given who you are and what how you like to help people.
For me, i like to help people in two ways-- bold and spirited leadership and
heartfelt liberated soul. Here I'm trying to do.
both. I'm trying to speak to you about what's
in your heart. What is it that you want to share
in an unabashed way what makes sense for you to talk about,
that's going to help people be more effective.
That's going to be your brand. That's what what's going to serve you and your
life that's going to make a difference. For me,
like I said, bold spirited leadership.
Heartfelt liberated soul. So, get out there pay attention to
yourself and what makes you tick. You may have a love for your faith
and you want to share things that make sense
in conjunction with your faith, and in your work
and with your faith and with your family--. I respect that.
It is different than mine and that's the point.
We all have a message. We all have a way of expressing ourselves
when we're at our best. For now, don't worry about improving the weaknesses.
Don't fixate on those. Fixate upon you and your strength when you're being at
your best. So I want to lastly say my coaching
website is Visit the site. If you'd like me to coach
you, to play bigger, I'd love to do that. We can have a
quick chat and then start scheduling sessions.
I want you to help you excel. Have a great day. Take care.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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