EP 762 Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter points out two things you should not ask about at the end of a job interview. 

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I want to talk with you today about 1 of the mistakes that some job hunters make with the questions that they ask on any interview. I have a video that talks about great questions to ask at the end of an interview,, but this 1 is designed to deal with 2 of the obvious mistakes (at least are obvious to me) some job hunters make with the questions that they ask at the end of an interview.

The 1st mistakes that some of these folks make is asking about salary and benefits prematurely.

"So, do you have any questions for us?"

"Yeah, tell me about the salary for this job and what you going to pay?"

Don't do that. You only talk about salary at the point that there are about to extend an offer or when they are posing questions of you. You asking about salary is premature until offer time. I was simply say stay will questions regarding money and benefits. The focus should be making them fall in love with you..

Toward that end, another terrible question that people ask way too often is, "What your policy about working from home?" Is another variation on the question. "When do I get vacation? How much vacation time to I get with this job?" Here's another one. "I'm really interested in telecommuting a few days a week and working from home. Are you guys okay with that?"

Your job of the interview is to make them fall in love. Until they make an offer, everything that you should be asking should be along those lines is a risk of turning them off toward hiring you. You want to keep them fixed on your experience, your capabilities and how you can help them solve the problem they have that they're trying to hire someone to help them solve. Anything else that is off the focus of the job is a mistake.

So, skip the questions about salary.. Skip the questions about benefits. Skip the vacation policy question. You know, "How much vacation do I get? When can I take my 1st vacation? How many sick days doing it?" It's all a brochure that they give you with the time they make an offer.

In terms of negotiation, if you're used to go to getting 4 weeks vacation and they are offering two, when they extend an offer, you simply say, "right now I'm getting 4 weeks vacation. Right now your offering me a salary that doesn't seem to take into account that I'm giving up 2 weeks of vacation for this role." You raise it at the end as part of your negotiation, rather than beginning during the 1st interview you know, where they are being noncommittal because they are evaluating and assessing you, You do want to make it seem like you're basing your decision on how much less work you can do.

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