When I received this question, I did a double take. Finding a place to find unadvertised jobs. Hmmm.

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

The Warning Sign of a Problem or That They Aren’t Sure

Someone asked me a question, “What is the best way to to get access to unadvertised jobs?”  It’s a quirky question because the question suggests that there is a place where people advertise unadvertised jobs.  To me, this is hysterical.

Unadvertised jobs are that way for a reason.  They don’t want to get assaulted by contacts because, after all, when you think about it, if you are corporate recruiter, if you are a hiring manager, as soon as you advertise, you start being assaulted by resumes.

“Assaulted by resumes,” you may say?  It feels that way.  You get hundreds of responses from people who in no way shape or form are qualified.  Like the person who was the Purdue chicken plucker look who applied for the software engineering job.  Like the person applying for the job in Georgia who sees in theJob search preparation position description that asks for someone local and with a specific IT background and this is a customer service rep at a retail store.

This is the experience people have when they advertise jobs.  So they remain unadvertised.

How do they get filled?  Employee referrals.  The idea becomes that you reach out to employees of different organizations you want to be associated with who may be looking for someone like you and asking them to refer you.  You start doing networking beyond that in a variety of different ways and places in order to get access to opportunities.

The Missing Ingredient in Your Interviews (Branding, Resumes, Networking)

There is no place that advertises unadvertised jobs.  This is all about legwork on your part and doing things to network, create relationships with people who know, like, trust and respect you for your expertise in order to create visibility for yourself so that people reach out to you for opportunities.

Let me come to that one for second.

You want to be in positions where people are reaching out to you.   How do you get known?  The easiest places LinkedIn where you create profiles that are keyword rich, using terms are part of job requirements.  If you’re not sure what those are for you, what on Indeed or SimplyHired or glassdoor  or other sites for patterns in language that reflect your experience so you see, you have recruiters reaching out to you. Loser that advertised; they are out hunting for you.

On LinkedIn, you demonstrate expertise in groups; you demonstrate expertise by writing on the LinkedIn blogging platform.  You do things to reach out to organizations, not through HR (never applied to job through an applicant tracking system), you reach out to people who you know within organizations to see if they will refer you.

Networking.  I’m going to come back to that now.

Those of the basic ways to do it.  There are lots of little nuanced ways but most of you don’t really have the time.  One last thing I want to address.

Recruiters.  Recruiters will say that they represent a lot of positions that are unadvertised.  Do you think that’s true?  I do.  Sometimes, but I know that a lot of jobs are advertised that recruiters are trying to fill.  Don’t necessarily use recruiters as a shortcut for that.  The real way to find unadvertised jobs is by having your friends a relationships, people who you know who know other people who you don’t know refer you to opportunities that they hear about so that, in this way, you have an introduction into an organization  with social proof being the entry point for the opportunity.

Who is Really Making the Hiring Decision?


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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