A wonderful and basic question from someone about people viewing your LinkedIn profile. NOTE: I RE-RECORDED THIS VIDEO BECAUSE THE FACEBOOK LIVE THE ORIGINAL CAME FROM HAD HICCUPS.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people professionally in
a number of different ways-- job search, hiring more effectively,
managing and leading, workplace related issues, a whole host of things. And
someone wants to know why people look at your LinkedIn profile. The answer is
they want to see what is there. "What are they looking for," is a different question.
what they're looking for is maybe you did something online that prompted them
to be curious about you and your background maybe they're trying to
approach you for a job they're considered recruiting you for a job and they'd
looked at your profile and decided not to contact you because there wasn't
enough there maybe they want to sell a product or service to you like I know I
get lots of contacts from firms that do lead generation and this is a place when
I still did recruiting it still takes place now that I'm a coach hey buy my
product or service let me help your business grow or let me promote your
podcast so your YouTube channel this is all lead generation stuff for you the
probability is they were looking at your background because they were trying to
fill a position what you can do is message them and say hey Linton told me
that you looked at my profile was there something they weren't particularly you
were looking for that you didn't find that prompted you not to reach out to me
now that's gonna make them go back to your profile again because they don't
remember but he will least foster the opportunity to find out more about the
role that they were working on that prompted them to want to look at your
background. You know, when all is said and done, LinkedIn is a basic tool it helps
recruiters fill jobs and helps people sell products or services to people it
helps individuals promote themselves to other people. After all, I speak from the
perspective of I was LinkedIn member 7653 of the 650 million plus people on
the planet. I'm Jeff Albin hope you found this
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