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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people with job search, hiring
more effectively, managing and leading, overall workplace related issues. "How can
you tell an interviewer isn't interested in hiring you and this might come up
during an interview and if so let's put aside the obvious things they start
arguing with you about your answers during an interview things along those
lines. That's one signal. Another one really
comes down to discourteousness. Y, u know, are they too late
during the interview without explanation or late for the interview without
explanation.That's one signal that they're not
really all that interested they show no curiosity and your answers is another
one after all they should be digging deeper to understand things about your
background that they're not doing so recognize that as a signal of lack of
interest in hiring you another one frankly is well there's a whole bunch of
them but one obvious one to me is they don't sell you on the opportunity.
know and in if they do sell you it's kind of a half-hearted thing that's
brief simple uncomplicated you could have read it in an ad there's no energy
or passion to it there's no heart being shared all they're doing is saying a
bunch of words. "Yeah, we're looking for someone who . . . " Things along those
lines so these are tells T's the poker term signals that indicate lack of
interest because if they were interested, trust me, they'd be on time,
they would apologize if they were late, they would be selling
aggressively on the opportunity they give you signals about next steps you
know, I've got two more people to talk with but I'd like of you back next week."
They'd say things along those lines that indicate interest and certainly after
the interview they would communicate with you a little bit
to indicate interest and the lack of communication isn't necessarily a
negative but when they really are arranged was that they're talking to you
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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