Red flags? There are a million red flags that people generate at interviews. Here are a few.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people and organizations to be more
effective. I'm the head coach and Now there was a question that was asked in a Facebook
group that I thought was terrific and it was basically about red flags that
recruiters see in resumes that will cause them not to call a person for an interview.
Now, one thing that wasn't said that's painfully obvious is if the resume
doesn't in any way shape or form demonstrate a fit. For some reason, that
that was so obvious it was ignored but here's a lot of others that people tell
you. If the person doesn't have value.. That is, you can't tell
looking at the resume how they can help a firm make money or save money, this
person won't take the time to look at it. If the resume has too much experience there,
that is, if they've been in one role as an individual contributor for much too
long, then unless there are obvious factors like location or demographics or
job market issues that's limited them, they won't look at the resume.
Spelling mistakes. Font mismatches.. Repetitive job switching. Paragraph
upon paragraph for descriptions versus bullets. Now,
I like when resumes have both descriptions and bullets. This person
doesn't want all description. Misspellings-- that one shows up a lot.
Having an objective statement listing the wrong position or company. Keyword
bomb resumes. Resumes that list every single project someone has done
resulting in a 15 page resume. Functional resumes. Now on the 15-page resume front
and obviously they're trying to use 15 pages as an illustration of
much too long, if you have a PhD, if you're published, that's an exception.
If someone points out later lack of dates or huge gaps in the background,
spelling errors, irrelevant info not related to the job in question
especially in technical or engineering roles . . .
Let's see now. There's a couple more in here-- not using the spell checker. Not
using capital letters for first letters of their name. Pictures was one of
this person's complaints. Resume templates. That, a lot of people don't
like templates.
There is one or two more here. No contact information. How do you send out a
resume without contact information? Let's see now. Those are the major ones that
get cited here with the big ones being dates being missing and thus
functional resumes don't work. So I hope you found this interesting.
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Take care.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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