In this video, I discuss two mistakes people make and how to correct them if you’ve made them.

Two Networking Mistakes People Make & How to Fix Them

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hi I'm Jeff Altman the big game hunter I'm referred to as the big game hunter be has been
honey been leaders and staff organizations for more than 40 years and this is one of my daily
videos about job search and I hope help you now when people job they know they need to network
everyone knows that but they make two regular mistakes when they never the first one is they
contact their network too early like all the people that they know really well will they
aren't clear about what it is they really want and everything one a lot for as a result i'm
gonna say they'd blow that alone but yeah they waste an opportunity by being precise it's like
safe i'm looking for a job what kind of job you looking for i would a great job where i know you
have to be specific in order the guide people who may not necessarily know exactly what you do and
give them a clearer idea of what you need from them the second mistake that people that make is
they never ask they never ask for help they never asked for advice they never reached out yeah the
second one is obviously the easiest one thing i start asking for advice and help start asking
for support asking for advice as native people can introduce you to others at firms that you'd
like to work for for informational interviews there's a lot that you can do in order to ask
for support with the first one you have to take a little time it's why often coaches like people
and will suggest the people don't work out take a couple of days think about what you really want
to need don't contact people when they're angry at your boss or feeling hurt by being laid off
take a little time and think about what you want and once you can use from people before reaching
out like i said easily correctable mistakes but often people never do them so i just want to make
sure was on the radar so this resonates for you you can fix this i'm jeff algtman hope you found
this helpful visit that in game uh turned on us is a lot more there you can watch listen to or
read to help you find work more quickly and if we are connected on LinkedIn Seneca potential
request on linkedin com /i in forward slash the big game I accept financial question people
worldwide except if you look like a spammer or scammer except if you're a third party with her
violent family if you have questions about job hunting reach out to me my website addresses the
big game on and on us click the tab there that says have your job search questions
answering be happy to work with you happy to help you I'm Jeff Altman have a great day take


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