This is a classic question that would be asked of the manager. Indeed offered basically insert then I thought would do nothing to help you stand out from others. I offer theirs and my additions to it. Tell me what you think.

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How would you describe the role of a manager in the workplace? Or How would you describe the most important contributions a manager makes in the workplace? I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. Let me help you answer this question that I saw on indeed. They gave a base answer that I thought missed one key point. And I'll simply say what they're looking for is to get a sense of whether you have a comprehension of what your role is, and what your values are, and what you want to accomplish as a manager.

So when Indeed offers the answer, of“I think keeping employees motivated and on track is one of the most important things a manager can do. We need to have our fingers on the pulse of what clients or customers need, but also the tools that our employees need to make magic happen. As a manager, I think of myself as somewhat of a conduit between our clients and my direct reports. My role is to keep clients excited about our work and keep employees motivated and equipped to create exciting things.” You know, it's a simpletons answer. And I don't think you'll stand out in any way, shape, or form if you answer in that manner.

Let me give you a couple of extra pieces of texture. One is, if you have to motivate, your hiring process is flawed. You want to hire people who are inspired. You want to hire people who have an internal drive within them, who, you know, they've got the fire within them. And thus, your job as a manager is to keep it lit, as opposed to, shall we say, lighting a fire underneath someone, which is what motivation is.

So always think in terms of the hiring processes, as well. Selecting people who are motivated, who are driven, who have that desire to do great things. That's a big part of your role.

Another big part of your role is not letting friction within the organization, get in the way of these people attaining what they can do because they have that drive and desire. And thus, the one reminder I'm going to give you is there certain words you don't use anymore. One is systemic. The other is institutional because they've been associated with racism, of course. And thus, if you use those in the context of answering this question, you may unintentionally trigger certain responses from people that you don't want to. Focus in terms of, you know, many organizations have friction that interferes with these people accomplishing great things. So I want to make sure that they understand what they're stepping into, what I can do to make things smoother for them, so they can accomplish what they want to.

So that's a simple way of adding on to this base answer that indeed had. I hope you found that helpful. Visit my website, There's a lot more on the blog there that you can watch, listen to or read that will help you land that next role, hire more effectively, manage and lead better, and resolve workplace-related issues more effectively.

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