Tools to Help You in Your Job Search #shorts

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jordan Summers shared 3 tools he is using as part of his job search.

How to Get Email Addresses and Phone Numbers for Networking, Sourcing and More

The first one comes from the Harvard Law School Job Kit. It’s a list of action verbs that are more interesting in your resume than just parroting the same created, supported, led, managed, et cetera. I’m gonna have a link to all three of these in the show notes. The second one– TEALHQ– to track what jobs he’s applying to, reminders to follow up and listing any contacts or connections within the company. Third, a LinkedIn tutorial. It’s the first time he has had public recommendations on his profile, and plans to use it as a supplemental document and applications. This article talks through how to create a clickable pdf of these recommendations. Again, links in the show notes. There’s a lot more at


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