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EP 1618 In your career and in your job search, the brand your employer has has an impact on you.What is it’s value? That’s today’s topic.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for and welcome. It's Monday morning as I am recording this and I just want to simply say that for many of you, job hunting is become harder than it needs to be. I'm sorry about that but I just want to say that I want to help you.

And if you're interested my coaching you reach out to me. My website is There are tabs along the top that will tell you have a hire me for different services. AND if we are not connected on LinkedIn, send a connection request to me at Mentioned that you listen to the show. Watch the show. I love hearing from folks who I have been helping. So, again, that's If you have a question for me, message me through to send the message to me. I will get to as many as I can.

Today’s subject is about the value of employer branding and I am thinking of this in the context of you making the decision about your next firm. That you have a job offer and you have choices here and you are thinking ahead. WISELY thinking ahead.

So, what happens? What's the impact of employer branding?, Let me give you an example.

If I said to you “store brand detergent” or ALL or Clorox or some other major brand, you will probably think of the store brand as being a little bit “less than.” It may do as good a job, but do you think it is been a little bit less capable than the major brands offer.

If I said to you, Apple, Facebook, Google, you know, I could pick a list of companies here . . . Microsoft . . . If I mentioned those names and then I said to you, “3 guys in the garage,” “Moe, Larry and Curly” . . . making up names (If there's any “3 guys in a garage,” “Moe Larry and Curly” businesses out there. I apologize. I'm just making these up as I go along. This is not a reflection on you and your business. I am making a comparison here). If I compared the major brands with those two I made up on the fly there, would you think that the latter brands, the ones I made up, the ones are less valuable and less able than the major brands, of course you would !

Thus, major brands have invested a lot of money creating a halo around their products and, by default, a halo around you, that's going to help you with your job search.

People think that individuals who work at certain firms and, obviously, not only these firms . . . There are a lot of major firms out there that people work who have a great reputation for their business, their service, or their products and it becomes connected with the employee.

Conversely, if you work for a nothing brand or one that has a negative image in the market, well, you have a problem. I’ll give you an example and this is an extreme one.
I'm sure none of you have, fortunately, had this experience.

When I still did recruiting and Bernie Madoff became well-known for the wrong reasons, I remember getting resumes from people who worked for that firm and they couldn’t find work because they were tarnished with the same brush stroke as those who had been intimately involved with the fraud. They didn't know anything about it. I'm confident about that, but they could not find work. At least they couldn't for close to a year, I lost track of them after that. But the impact of working for a “no name” or “a negative name” affects you as adversely as the positive want benefits you.

So, if you have choices between a great brand and a nothing, there is a dollar value associated with it, not just simply now, but when you go out to your next employer after that.

There are different doors are open to you than their might be if you're working for, shall we say, the other negative brand. Always consider the major brand when you considering a decision between alternatives.

This is not to say that the small firm, the one that's less well-known, is a problem. They may not be! They may be a great organization, but is a dollar cost impact on you for joining the smaller firm that is usually the less well-known firm.

I hope you found this helpful. Again, this is Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. If you're interested my coaching you, visit There is a lot there that you can watch, listen to or read that is going to help you find work more quickly. But I put it together for you so that you don’t have to figure it out.

Also, take my classes on Skillshare, There are classes on basic interview questions that will help you, shall we say, help you get through the initial phases of conversations with HR and other organizations.

Have a great day. Take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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