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Most companies do not do a good enough job when interviewing someone. What will those predictable interview questions really tell you? This one will open up a much greater spectrum of information for you. It has the added benefit of eliminating a lot of people, too.

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Most of the time when firms interview someone, they're sort of amateurish. It's all predictable questions out of the hiring manager playbook. Tell me about yourself. Behavioral interview questions. So do you have any questions for us? It's all predictable stuff. Heck, I've even got a book called The Right Answers to Tough Interview Questions that goes through probably a little less than 200 pages of q&a that someone can prepare for.

I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career and leadership coach, a former executive recruiter, I help people and organizations be more effective with a job search, with hiring, management, leadership, resolving workplace issues. Now, I wont get on to the personality stuff right now. This question to me is really the best question you could ask on an interview. You'll see why in a second.

If you're hiring someone at a manager level and above, you want to get an idea of how they think and whether they're really interested, right? One of the ways that you can do it and eliminate a lot of people in the process is to give people a homework assignment. And the homework assignment is basically designed to get them to prepare for a presentation to you and to perhaps a couple of other people. They can whiteboard it. They can formally present. They can do it conversationally. There's no advantage to one over the other in your mind so you should think. What you care about is how they think and how they assimilate the information.

So, the homework assignment is to prepare for this question: What's your plan for this role? Or if they're in an operations capacity, what's your business plan for this role? What would be your sales plan for this role, and you're going to give them information that allows them to do homework. It can be from investor relations, it can be pages off the website, it can be articles that for . . . that have been written about your firm. And given the fact that this is not the first interview, this might be a second or third interview, or, if someone's senior enough, the meeting with the board or the president of an organization, you want them to walk in and be prepared to present.

Some people are going to be scared off and that's great. You don't want to hire someone else's loser. But the ones who do great work are going to allow you to see how they think, how they prepare, and to give you a sense of their their attitude toward this role, and what they'd want to accomplish.

Hope you find this helpful. I'm Jeff Altman. My website is Go there and go exploring. There's a lot there to help you with job search, hiring, management, leadership, dealing with workplace stuff. And there's also information about my courses there. And, and if this isn't the right time for you, put the information in your phone. You can circle back at a later date. Again, the website is, and my name, Jeff Altman. Put that in your phones you come back later on.

And connect with me on Linkedin at Mention that you just saw this video. I like to know that I'm helping some folks. And if I can coach you, as a manager or as a leader in an organization, again, reach out to me through my website. Have a terrific day and, most importantly, be great.


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