Stupid Resume Mistakes: Focusing on the Wrong Thing

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
This is the meta mistake that people make with their resume that dooms them to the applicant tracking system and never being interviewed.

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Stupid Resume Mistakes: Cool Resumes Suck

Hi. I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and people hire me for no BS career advice and coaching globally. I want to talk with you today about the classic mistake that people make with their resumes. And let me kind of outline the situation in a different way.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant or a club, and you see this huge line there, and you say to the person you’re with, ‘I don’t think we’re getting in tonight.’ Well, even with a reservation, sometimes, you don’t get in because the line is just so long, and they’ve screwed up their operations. And you just got to wait for a long time. That’s really what dealing with the applicant tracking system is like. It’s like waiting online for that restaurant or club or movie. And you just have to wait there to see if someone picks you to let you in.

Instead of focusing on your resume, and having the most beautiful, perfect resume known to humanity, focus instead on having a good enough resume that an organization that you want to work for, that you’re qualified to work for, and figuring out (and this is the magic here) how you can cut the line and get to the front. Kind of like that movie where someone invites you to the front of the line? Well, you want to see how you can get to the front of the line, instead of getting online and waiting for hours to maybe not get let in.

So instead of having the perfect resume that you’ve agonized over every word, having an adequate resume that highlights what your successes are, if it’s in recessionary times, how you might have, for example, dealt with changing resources to accomplish what you set out to do– staff turnover or budget cuts, whatever it is, and then focus instead on how you can get to the front of the line and, once there, deliver the goods.

Hope you found this helpful. I’m Jeff Altman. My website is Go to the site; go exploring, there’s a ton there that will help you. In addition, you can schedule time for a free introductory call I call a discovery call, a paid coaching session, find out about my trusted advisor services where you’re just getting on with me and we’re going to have a conversation about helping solve your problems or give you alternatives for solving problems, find out about my courses, books and guides. Again, a lot there to help you. Also, visit my website, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Linkedin at Have a terrific day and be great!

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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