Stupid Networking Mistakes: Keeping Too Low a Profile |

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

6 Tips for Successful Job Search Networking

Senior professionals, in particular, are guilty of these two aligned networking mistakes.

Today’s video it’s really geared towards senior professionals and it’s one of those stupid networking mistakes that people
make particularly senior professionals now when I think of this I think of this as being in tandem two different things that cause people to suffer
professionally. Number one is keeping too low a profile. Who knows about what you do and how exceptional you are? Is it only people at your firm? Is it, you
know, a couple of individuals outside? How big a brand?

Which goes to the second part in that you neglect a build and foster a personal and professional brand for yourself now you may not think of yourself like a box of detergent that you know people go to the store to buy but there are things that you could be doing so people outside your organization or outside previous organizations know who you are, what you do and what your successes are. And, these days, it is so much easier than when you went online or . . . let me restate that . . . when you got into the field many years ago back then it was hanging out the bar with folks it was going to meetings of people that you didn’t really care about you know there was a lot of stuff in effort and time that went into it that involved belly-to-belly networking which i think is completely unnecessary now Think of yourself as a media company and, as a media company, how do you promote yourself and how great your work is? Do you write? Do you do video? Do you try to appear on podcasts to talk about some ways that people can do things differently? Are you a public speaker?. What are you doing to build the brand of you and to think of yourself as a media empire as a media creation that causes people to go you know I’m gonna talk to this guy I think he could help me.” You know, you found this video and I’ll just simply say there are 7,000 plus more than I’ve created that help people in one form or another and I’ve got a podcast where I’ve got the number one podcast in Apple podcast with more than 2300 episodes as of this recording no other job-search podcast has as many as me by far I’m bigger than they are and when push comes to shove you’ve got to do your version of this. I’m not suggesting you spend as much time and effort as I did but you gotta do some stuff so that yeah if you’re ever in a situation where you’re caught short and you know what I mean by that you’re not hurt as badly. 

Why Should Branding Make a Difference to You?


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