Here are the 2 things you want to accomplish when starting a new job AND what to watch for.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people I'm a career and leadership coach,
the head coach for
and I operate a group called Career Angles on Facebook
If you're interested in joining, come to the group, ask to be admitted. The first
500 people are going to be admitted for free. And this is a video that's designed
to talk to those of you who are starting a new job. That's what the Career Angles
group is all about on Facebook. It's being effective at work. It's not about
job hunting. It's not about what you should do to get a job. It's about being
excellent at your work. And you know, there's a something I read that
reminded me of something and it spoke to the two things that your goal is when
you start a new position. Number one is learning your job because there's always
something that you're learning during the first few months in your new position
differently than you're used to and thus your goal is to learn it their way,
trying to improve upon it but first learn it their way. Makes perfect sense,
doesn't it? Number two is you want to make your boss look good because when your
boss looks good they feel puffed up and proud about what they're doing and the
decision that they made to hire you. And thus the halo continues on further. Now
the little trick is . . . and it was interesting that there was an article I
picked up on and it was a women's oriented article about
jeopardizing jobs by trying to be likable. I think there's an
applicability beyond the intention of the original article that fits in very
nicely. During the first 90 days . . . because number
one is when you try to be likable and liked as often happens when you start a
new job, we start to put unrealistic
expectations on ourselves. We start to go above and beyond a little too much with
the result winds up being sometimes the price of going above and beyond is
you start to be taken advantage of and, thus, what often happens is there's a
dread about going to work and the ever-popular
"did I make the right decision," question that people start they ask themselves. I
just want to encourage, when I talk about learning the new role, I want to
be clear I want you to do it by the book and I don't want you going above and
beyond. I want you sticking to the basics and finding your place in the next
organization while making your boss look good. At the same time, again, as much as
you care, as much as you want to put on a good show, don't allow yourself to be
taken advantage of because eventually you'll crash and burn. So, I hope you
found this helpful. It's a quick video today for Career Angles. And I'll just
say that if you'd like me to coach you in your new role, if you'd like me to
coach you in a job search, reach out to me. The easiest way to do it is by
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or join Career Angles and message me through the group. I'd love to
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Hope you have a great day take care!


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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