Everyone has an inner critic; how can you have one and still do what you need to do?

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hi I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm called The Big Game Hunter because I
coached people to play their professional and personal games big. Now, being a coach
as I am I wanted a lot of people with very strong inner critics you know those
loud voices within them that says you can't do this
Oh! Doom will befall you! You need more training before anyone would ever
believe you can do that job I've got a pretty loud one most people I know do as
well. But here's where I think the problem with the inner critic lies
and that is people confuse the inner critic with that part of them that wants
to feel safe that's scared at a particular time so that part that
requires safety within all of us within you within me it comes up with this
voice of doom the inner critic that's designed to hit hard the really make
that make the biggest impression on you fast rather than put you in the position
of feeling risk or at risk for some version of calamity so that's the
reality of what's going on at most of our psyches here's what you can do with
them number one don't engage with the. UniCredit if the raw if it's telling you
that I don't know maybe you need more confidence
well it's not telling you how to have more confidence so it seems pretty
useless instead go directly to that part that controls the inner critic the part
that requires and demands safety and ask it questions. "What are you afraid of? What
are you trying to protect me from you know I want to hear your concern
and just have an objective conversation with that part of yourself that controls
the inner critic and a whole lot of other sub personalities within you I
know this sounds weird but hear me out the inner critic reflects the desire to
feel safe so within you there's a part of you that wants to feel safe
talk to it understand what its fears and needs are you don't negotiate with it
you understand what its needs are and then come to an agreement with it about
what it will allow you to do and what it won't allow you to do you don't have to
do this is psychodrama, although you can. You can do this as scratching
a process in your head where you talk with it and then, at the end, comes
the decision about what makes sense and what doesn't, what it fears and what it
doesn't believe about it that's understood and then act from that place
of collaboration and taking the step forward
I'm Jeff Albin I hope you find this helpful
my website is NoBSCoachingAdvice.com
look for encouragement there they'll find quite a bit I'd love to help you
and you know I'm more content as going over there every week if you'd like to
speak with me about coaching you at the website below this video you'll find
information where I can help you play your game bigger rather than be fearful
and holding yourself back from that trepidation. Hope you have a terrific day.


Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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