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Like a monster movie from the 1950’s, Like Night of the Walking Dead,” we now have “The Revenge of the Millenials.”

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter, the head coach for
and this is a video for those of you who are older to remind you of something
and I'm calling it "the revenge of the millennials." Like it's a horror movie
from whatever number of years ago, cheesy 1950s and 1960s movies that all the characters were
like awful stereotypes and the monsters looked . . . you could tell that they were
people inside suits it was awful and that's what's coming for you folks it's
not about ageism. It's about all those people carrying
baggage (number one) from the times that you were mocking them and (number two) if
you think, they are there to cater to you, folks, you can cater to them. This isn't
about revenge. They have power and authority. The older millennials,
when you walk into HR offices, they are all there you remember all those doctors
that you see who look like they're your kids? Well, folks, they are your kids
and they're taking over and you have to learn a different style of job search to
deal with this population that is frankly running recruiting and one thing
is brevity you cannot go on to these lengthy diatribes
Communications. They don't want to see a 10 page resume. No one ever has. "Well,
Mine is only four. Two tops. That's it and communication style. Text, not email. I
remember being at a business meeting locally where my contemporary was there
and she owned the franchise she was trying to reach one of the members and
she sent an email because she hadn't heard from them in a little while and
the member walked in that day and said,. I never . . . then she went over to
her and said, "are you okay? I was concerned. I sent you an email. You didn't
respond and she said I never look at email I only respond to text duh
Folks, you have to get mobile numbers and start texting people instead of sending
emails because generationally that's what this generation does what the next
communications medium will be I don't know but they're gonna reach out to you
through LinkedIn you should reach out to them through LinkedIn you can reach out
to folks through text because you have mobile numbers now find out how best to
reach folks. It's not about email. Email is the lazy way these days. Overall, brevity
is going to be a big part of it because we live in an ADHD culture and in that culture no one is involved for
any length of time. How are they, you know, even in terms of looking at different
things you have to think of digital marketing ideas as part of how do you
promote yourself how you develop your brand the visibility so that this way
people know about you and are approaching you otherwise you're gonna
be wasting an enormous amount of time finding things and it doesn't have to be
that way you want to be the symbol that people reach out to rather than the one
who's chasing them you want to be developing your brand even at this
layered time in life and you can whine and complain and moan about it and
that's your problem that's your problem this is what they are doing and it's
working they're hiring a lot of people and you want to be one of them so you
can complain, moan, whatever you want to call it but this is how you have to
adapt for the changing times. I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this
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