This video is for HR professionals only. It was recorded when I still did recruiting several years ago.

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I can only call this one of those unfortunate videos because I had a couple of instances like this that very frustrating. I can just simply say, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. So here are the scenarios that have repeatedly occurred.
A client who says they want to hire someone with a unique skill in a market area without a large population. So, they asked me to find someone for them. They have 7/8 people on staff interview someone.
And then from there, the individual passes all your muster, is brought to the hiring manager who swoops in the last minute and says, "I don't think so." Huh? Huh? . So, after the first incident in one of these firms, HR speaks with a manager and tries to get everyone on the same page. Same thing happens a second time. Now, I 'm out of this right now, I'll just simply say, I have no patience for this. Because ultimately, what's happening is one of two things-- Either the manager is racist because often this will occur in organizations where they're trying to hire someone who fits a profile (get what I mean by fits the profile) and sometimes it occurs, for more benign reasons-- Incompetence. Incompetence--the hiring manager isn't clear about what he or she wants, feels like he can communicate effectively with his staff who've evaluated and assessed figured out this person is qualified, puts them through hours of interviews, in minute detail about the background for this person and then swoops in and says, "No thanks. " And often with no more explanation than that.
Obviously, this firm has a problem on their hands and it's beyond the problem of whether or not this person should have an open req because obviously they shouldn't. It's the impact of the behavior because multiple people been adversely affected by this inconvenience but hours of their life, talking to someone who had no had no interest whatsoever in hiring them. I can only assume these two qualities are at risk, because both were priced within the job description. No issues about oral communications, wink wink a factor in racism.
But, putting that aside for a second, let's just look at the facts. A team of individuals on multiple occasions, assesses a person who's been qualified, and someone who has nothing to do with this suddenly goes in and says nothing. So, stupidity is the most annoying alternative. . . But most hiring managers I come into contact with aren't stupid. they're calculating.
You've got to break down the calculation here, remove reqs from them, because they're just going to waste time and hurt your ability to hire other people in this organization and bring in their manager into the equation and just lay out the facts for them.
Everyone's got to get on the same page--the manager and his or her team. Everyone's going to get together and get clear about this because, if you take a look around the organization and start to notice everyone kind of looks alike, wink wink and the people who've been rejected last minute don't look like them. It's pretty clear.
But again, let's assume benign qualities. Let's be kind and just simply say you've got to get your managers lined up properly, rather than hurt your ability to hire because it will hurt . . . because you think these people don't have access to Yelp. You don't think they can get out the Glassdoor. You don't think they can tell their story on Facebook? Of course. They do it all the time now.



Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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