How Recruiters Steal Your Top People | You Stop Showing the Love

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Here is another way you create the conditions for someone to be susceptible to a recruiter’s attempt to steal them from you.

How Recruiters Poach Your Top Performers: The New!

Another way you create the conditions for recruiters to steal your top people, is you stop sharing the love. You stop talking with them about a person’s future with the organization. You let them feel maxed out. And that isn’t only about money. That’s really about the work and the position.

Opportunities stop being discussed with someone. You stop advising them or coaching them on career development. They feel bored. They feel unappreciated. They feel like a spouse who stopped getting attention years ago, and thus they become susceptible to contact from a recruiter.

Always talk up opportunities with young people. Career opportunities. Financial opportunities. And if that means helping them leave, you really should because if your firm can’t help these top performers, they’re going to get dull and bored and mentally quit anyway.

How Recruiters Steal Your Top Performers: Bringing in an Outsider Over Their Head


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