EP748 Another 1 of those fun brainteaser questions that are asked by hedge funds and others.

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How many times a day do a clock's hands overlap? I'm going to walk you through the way to solve the problem and then give you an answer.

The way it works is (this is a math formula), in T hours, the minute hand completes T laps. In the same amount of time, the hour hand completes T over 12 laps. The 1st time the minute in our hands overlap, the minute hand is completed one more lap than the hour hand.T=T/12 + 1. That means the 1st time it overlap occurs after T/11 hours or 1:05 AM.

It therefore follows that the 2nd time they overlap the minute hand completed 2 more laps than the hour hand. we can then conclude that T = T/12 + n.

Since we have 24 hours in a day, the equation can be solved for n.

24 = 24/12+n

24 = 2 + n

n = 22

The hands of the clock overlap 22 times a day.

The mass translates at the overlap at:

12, 1:05, 2:11, 3:16, 4:22, 5:27, 6:33, 7:38, 8:44, 9:49, and 10:55 and midnight.

Remember that they repeat themselves for the next sequence.

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