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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter answers a question from a viewer about letting a firm know how committed he or she should be to them.

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Let me just read the question to you before I answer it. "After applying to a job with only one other applicant, as a non-citizen, how can I contact the hiring manager to let them know how committed I would be."

There are 2 dimensions to this. What is about the contact and the other is about being a non-citizen. I'm going to respond in 2 layers. The 1st 1 is that they know you're in the United States on H1B visa. You have already had an interview and now want to contact the hiring manager. I would suggest sending an email. You might call it the firm. If you don't have the correct email address, ask for the hiring manager's email address and, if they are unwilling to give it to you, tell reception that you interviewed with so and so and want to get their email address to send a thank you note. It's really simple.

The note basically says, "Thanks for making time to meet with me. I really enjoyed speaking with you. I think the opportunity would be a terrific one for me." Then talk about your qualifications for the role. Then conclude in the last paragraph by saying, "in case there is any doubt, I just want to know how committed I would be to this role and to the organization. I look forward to hearing from you about next steps in the process." Again, it is very simple.

Now, let's assume that you don't have an interview. You've just been to a job board or website where they clock the number of responses so that you know there are only 2 people who have responded. You and one other person, and they don't know that you are working on a visa or let's assume that they do a you just haven't gotten a response yet.

You basically do the same thing-- get an email address for this person. Don't know who this person is?: Perception and say, "I understand that there is a position open for such and such. Who is the hiring manager for that?" They will try to send you to HR. Politely accept the transfer and, from there, talk the phone call and then call back a little while later, as for the name of the CIO, call their office, ask for the name of the hiring manager who is responsible for that position or that function and do much the same thing.

You send them an email letting them know of your qualifications and indicating that you responded directly for the position that you want to talk with them about the role and about your background. Talk about how your experience fits, just like I explained in the previous one and then conclude by saying, "I haven't heard from anyone about my candidacy yet. I just want to simply say that this role looks terrific. I have a background where I could deliver for you and I would work very hard for you." Write it in a way that demonstrates your commitment to the organization and to the position just like in the last example I gave.

Try not to be too polite. 1 of the things that's culturally different about US society and US culture in business as compared to others is that if you are too polite, it is not received well. You can be cordial without being obsequious, slave like, demonstrating extreme obedience. American culture doesn't really respect that.

Again, 2 ways to respond to that. I hope you find this helpful. I have many more answers to questions on YouTube. Look for Ask The Big Game Hunter.

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