EP 159 Last night’s Golden Globes Awards, coupled with an interview I heard with Charles Barkley reminded me of a few things I think will be helpful

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This is The No BS Coaching Advice Podcast, Episode 159. I'm your host Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter and welcome. It's been nice to take a little bit of time off between shows for the holidays. I hope you had a delightful time. I hope you didn't miss me too much. You know, I put out another show that's number one in Apple podcasts for job search called No BS Job Search Advice Radio. It is a seven day a week show. I've done it for almost nine years now.


I'm sorry, it's more than nine years it'll be 10 years at the end of this year and it is now that's now a seven day a week show. Lot of work goes into it plus I coach people and thus when it came time for Christmas, it just made sense for me to take a little bit of a break, replenish my batteries, relax a little bit. And here we are back from hiatus. And today's show is a sweet one. This is Episode 159 of No BS Coaching Advice Podcast.

SEGMENT 1. And let me just start by saying last night the Golden Globes were on. And there was something I noticed and it kind of comes together as part of the theme today. And they announced the winners . . . and they don't announce the second place finisher. They just announced the winner. I think that's a pretty common scenario.

Like at the Super Bowl, when you finish, like you know who the second place team is but they don't hand them a trophy, right? Only the winner gets the trophy. Only the winner gets the award. Same thing at the Oscars. Only the winner gets the award. The second place finisher isn't mentioned Thus, I want to remind you that, frankly, you've got to put in max effort all the time. Here we are. Starting a new year. It's time for you to step up your game.

What can you take off your plate so you have space to do your best work? What can you no longer do or outsource to someone else or some other service that's going to allow you to step up and play big. Start there. Start with taking one thing off your plate. And I'm sure something else is going to fill up that space very soon.

SEGMENT 2. I was listening to a podcast interview with Charles Barkley, the retired basketball player who's now in his 50s. He was telling a story about how, when we first got into basketball as a professional who's playing for the Philadelphia 76'ers and one of the great players of the game was a man named Moses Malone who's on the team then. Now, Barkley was not a big man in height. You know, as a forward being six foot six is not big. But he was a large man. He had a lot of girth to him.

And Barkley would practice with the team and wasn't really getting on the court all that much. And he went to Malone. And he asked them what gives? He's not the coach of the team. He is the starting center and eventually inducted into the Hall of Fame. Great ballplayer.

And Malone said, You don't get it. You know, there's a lot of great players out there. And the fact that you're on the team, we have a lot of belief in you, but you can't play well if you're overweight and too big. And Barkley started to defend himself and, eventually, Malone said, "When you're ready, come back to me."

And he came back and said," let's start with 10. Drop 10.

Barkley was six foot six over 300 pounds and had tohuff and puff . . . Let me back up on that. He had to run up and down the court with taller men in order to get on the court. And he started with 10 and after he dropped 10, Malone told him to drop another 10. And eventually, Barclays weight gap got down to 250. And he started to play well, and his conditioning is getting stronger because he's not carrying around the extra weight.

And this isn't about losing weight. It's about "getting it." Being a professional involves understanding what's expected of you. It's about doing the work, about getting the results . . . but to get the results, there are a lot of very talented people that you compete with. And in order to do that, you've got to work at it. After all, it's not going to be handed to you just because you want it, right? It's going to be given to you because you earn it. There's a certain amount luck, and maybe you gotta knock someone else out of contention.

After all, you know, every year, there are players who enter the sport, there's a lot more that are drafted than actually get to play in the NBA or on any team. And you want to be one of those ones who's fortunate enough to be the winner, right? You want to be a champion, right?

After all, like I said before, is no award for second place. You want to always come in first.

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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