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EP 2069 Trying to contact a decision-maker at a company you’re targeting or that you saw advertise about a job? 

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Today, I'm going to talk with you about how to actually contact the firm that you're targeting to work for now. Let me give you a scenario; you see an ad online .You see something in the newspaper, trade publication, a firm is hiring. You want to get an entry point there.
Another scenario is the firm that you'd like to work for or you've heard great things about them, this is a firm you'd like to be employed by. How do you enter? How do you get your resume in front of the right person. Now, the the classic dumb way to do it is go online, search for listings, apply using their applicant tracking system. Frankly, you know people used to complain about "the black hole" when you were mailing resumes or emailing resumes. Applicant tracking systems are just as bad, if not worse, because they use computerized algorithms to reject you.
So,the basic way I'm going to start off with is, you know, if you know a firm is hiring or you've targeting this organization, what you want to do is go to LinkedIn, see if there's someone within your network that happens to work there, you contact that individual, you tell them I saw something listed there. Could you point me to the right individual who I should contact who I could approach about this role?" Or "would you be kind enough to refer me for this job? This is what my background is. Would you be kind enough to forward a resume?"
Now, why would they do this, especially since LinkedIn has changed over the years of instead of being just purely close relationships to it's very weak relationships, people who have a vague reason for being connected with one another, rather than just simply close friends. Why should someone do that? Why should someone refer you? Very simply you know, if they refer you and you are hired, there's an employee referral bonus available often get. There's a financial incentive for them to do that.
Now, they also don't want to refer bad referrals, you know. If you, in no way, shape or form, fit the requirement, if your resume does nothing to highlight that you're a fit,don't waste their time. You know, you're wasting everyone's time. You know, no one's going to do that. Would you?
But see if you can contact someone that you're connected with on LinkedIn. Just don't only look for first level connections. Maybe someone within a group that you're a member of. Not a member of groups? Join the largest groups for what you do on LinkedIn because that helps you extend your network for inMails without it costing anything. So, join large groups on LinkedIn so you can connect with more people.
Now, if you still not connected to the right person, here's another avenue that you can explore. It may cost you a few cents. But if this is really what you want to do another site that you can go to is is currently called I suspect in the next year or so, It's going to be changed to jigsaw was acquired by Salesforce. It's being rebranded as right now. You can get on either way, but I think jigsaw is the current entry point. Data is about to be the entry point.
Now ,what this site does is it tells you the names of people at organizations who you can contact who or in particular roles. So, if you want to hire, for example, contact the Chief Information Officer at a firm, the Chief Marketing Officer., It's going to be there. If you want to hire or contact people in HR it's going to be there.
They may list 27 people in hr and you're going to have to kind of piece your way through it. But it's a way that you can you can connect with the right individual
. Another way is sometimes public libraries have access to Hoover's. Hoover's is a pay service and Hoover's will allow you to do much the same thing as jigsaw or data .whereas jigsaw/ data is member propagated () that is, people who aretaking outare also putting in (), Hoover's doesn't do it. that way. They've searched the web and they're looking for information through a variety of sources to propagate their site.
Both work very well. Try different ones. Try either one. I should say to get an entry point to an organization and then, If you're contacting, for example, a chief technology officer at a firm,
"I understood you were trying to hire hire for someone in your organization is trying to hire for this role. Could you point me to the right individual? You know, I'm happy to contact HR but and I prefer to contact the line individual who's responsible for the job."
Why ?Because HR (let's) work with the talent management system,, for example () , it's a dumb system. It's supposedly intelligent, but it's actually dumb. You want to actually get to a decision maker. HR doesn't make decisions about whether to hire. They have the first line decision about whether to reject. They can't guarantee the hire. Only the hiring manager can. HR can influence for compensation. You want to perform well in front of them, but, ultimately, it's a hiring manager that's responsible for whether or not you chosen.
So get to the hiring manager. Let them know that you're interested in a particular role. You want to have a chance to connect with them. Is this a good time? I'm telling you to call them. Don't you send a resume. If you're asked us to send a resume, if you are not getting calls back, then, instead of just simply calling, then, send the resume and indicate that you'll be back in touch with them.
"Could they get back in touch with you give you a sense of when they might be available to speak."


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