Don’t Cope During Your Interviews. Focus.

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Like when dating, no one likes desperate people. Here’s what to focus on instead.

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Like dating, job search is a process that brings up many of our insecurities. Will they really like me or why do I care so much? Ah! Why do I care so much? That’s one of our insecurities that we want to be liked. And that doesn’t really serve you during your job search because when people act desperate, they’re not attractive during a job search, or in dating for that matter. But that’s the way we all act.

Recently, I was working with three people who all expressed the same thing. Why do I care so much? Because they were feeling kind of desperate.

I suggested and coached them by starting off and saying, ‘let’s write down your successes in your current role and if you don’t have significant successes, just start off with what do I do well, and what do I get attention for?’ Make a long list of those things. Review it at certain times, like before interviews, to remind yourself that you do a lot of things well, you’ve accomplished a lot of things. Focus on the successful part of yourself and deliver your message during interviews in a way that demonstrates how you can help an organization. Focus on that, rather than your insecurities. You’re going to do so much better.

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