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EP 1722 I review 6 steps that business many engage in and how to adapt it to your career.

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I thought I would do a video today about branding and talk about the differences between how institutions and businesses brand and how I think you should do it. Because the way branding tends to be thought of is the triumph of style over substance.

So, for example, here is the classic model. Define your overall aspirations. That is, what are your goals and objectives in creating the brand.

Step 2 is conduct research. That is, do a gap analysis between how people brand who are in this role and how you are branded.

Step 3 determine your brand attributes. What do you want your brand to convey, what adjectives do you want people to associate with you as the product, and why.

Step 4 assess your current state.

Step 5 create your game plan for how to do this

Step 6, manage your brand.

Who has time for most of this stuff? So, here's what I want you to think of and what I want to start by talk about the importance of branding because, frankly, for most of you, what you do is lurch from job search to job search, applying for jobs only when you need a job or want day job. You network only when you need or want to change jobs. You do nothing to promote yourself within. You don't maintain your relationships and contacts. You are a bad boy or girl because, frankly, you making it a lot harder on yourself.

Yes, I want to encourage you to take time between searches to brand yourself and promote yourself and it will pay off in spades. Why? Because people get ahead by being alert to opportunities and you want those opportunities coming to you, rather than you always looking for them, right? It's a lot easier when people are seeking you out than when you are trying to find it. They are doing the work. You are the recipient. It's easy.

So, here's what I want you to do. I want to work off of this model.

What your aspirations? I want to become known for who I am and what I do. In a sense, you want to get a measure of fame and celebrity. I'm not talking about becoming the new train wreck on TV. I'm talking about being known for your expertise by creating visibility for yourself. I don't think you need to conduct research or do a gap analysis between how other people brand themselves and how you brand yourself. I think the biggest thing that you can do is see what people are doing who are in the role that you want to attain-- what’s their background? What have they learned? How did they get there? That’s informational interviewing. You want to develop relationships with people who work in the role currently where they can kind of mentor you or even answer your questions about how they got there. That’s not the big “time suck” that looking at someone else's brand and evaluating it, comparing it to yours really requires, right?

Determine your brand attributes was step number 3. What's the message you want to convey? The answer is competence! We don't have to do anything there.

Evaluate your current state. The current state I want you to think in terms of is how do you measure up to others in terms of education and experience. If you want to think of yourself as an elite performer, what does an elite performer do? How did they get there? That's back to the informational interviewing. What's the background that the elite people or the ones that you aspire to have that you may or may not have. If you have it, fabulous! You saved a lot of time. If you don't have it, is there a way that you get the experience, the training, the education in order to present yourself that way.

This should be concurrent with the next part which is developing the game plan because this is part of game planning. You want to think of yourself in terms of how you are going to present yourself visibly. So, are you going to be writing for LinkedIn, creating videos for YouTube, tweeting more, sharing more? Are you going to be on camera? If you’re going to be on camera and present yourself physically, do you need to drop a few pounds? Do you need to improve your wardrobe? How about your hair (or lack thereof)? For women, make up? Behavior – – verbal and nonverbal communications.

What's the message that you're going to want to convey and how do you best want to do it and in what form do you want to do it? Do you have a blog where your videos appear and you can take a look at mine, for example, at to get a sense of all the content creation that I do.

I use it for a traditional content marketing approach to promoting myself and branding myself, and although, at one point, I had the idea that I wanted to life coaching, the reality is my branding, career and leadership coaching is so strong I realized pretty quickly that that wasn't going to work. I would take years changing my brand and lose out on the ability to help a lot of people who really needed my knowledge. So, I’m back to career coaching, job search coaching, leadership coaching where I have work for my entire career in search.

The last part is managing your brand. That is, once you're in the position of being seen as the visible leader, what do you do to maintain that and enhance it? I get lots of different things that we can peel back the onion on and come down to is very simple. What you want to convey?



Where are you now and what you what gaps do you have in your knowledge or experience that the current leaders have that you don't? Create a game plan using social media and media itself in order to create the brand and, then, after that, is how you maintain it.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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