Bias About Accents Costs You Talent

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
A newspaper article about Southern accents reminded me about how bias about accents costs firms talent who can do their jobs. This is a link to the article.

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In a newspaper article I’ll link to below mentioned that people with certain accents earn significantly less than those who don’t have accents. And people who are interviewing people who are in different kinds of roles will often have to adapt their speech in order to present properly to different clients.

There’s so many industries that are involved, but it tells me that if you’re involved with the hiring process, you have to be aware of your biases because you’re rejecting people who are, shall we say, different than you because they’re from a different part of the country, or for that matter, a different part of the world.

Just ask yourself, are they qualified? Don’t worry about the accent. Just simply ask yourself, are they qualified?

There’s a lot more at

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