10 Ways to Advance in Your Career

10 Ways to Advance in Your Career | JobSearchTV.com

Unless you want to do the same work for the rest of your life, it’s important to learn how to advance in your career. Here are 10 ways to do so.

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The first thing is to get a mentor for yourself within your organization who will help guide you professionally, and be like an ally to you within the firm about situations, scenarios and other things. And then from there, number two is converting that mentor into a sponsor. What’s the difference? A sponsor is an advocate,  advocating for you. Rather than just simply giving you advice and counsel, they’re bringing you to opportunities. They have a reputation within the firm as being someone smart, capable, wise, has some power and authority, and thus can advocate for you based upon their experience of you, opportunities for your advancement.

Number three is to speak up in meetings. Have an opinion. Instead of sitting on your hands, at the right time, speak up. And you know, when we’re in person, sometimes the few minutes after the meeting becomes a way that you can go to the person who’s chairing the meeting, and sharing some of your ideas and advocating for them in a more gentle way that becomes more robust.

Number four is to volunteer for other departments and organizations within your firm and doing work for them. It’s additional work that you may take on that allows you to be noticed by people in authority. Number five is to check internal job listings within your firm for opportunities that you’re qualified for. Number six is network internally. Networking can be in the form of lunch with folks. And if you’re doing this online, you can set up lunch meetings online with people and get acquainted with and get to have them know, like, trust, and respect you. And they become friends for you, telling you about opportunities, or to present you for opportunities.

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Seven, continue learning and find ways to apply what you learn. There’s nothing worse than being in a situation where you’ve taken a course, and nothing happens with it. It’s awful. It feels like you’ve wasted money, and there’s no place for you to apply. So it’s important for you to apply what you learn and not just simply learn it.

Number eight is learn to promote yourself. Have people get to know about you. Become the SME within your organization, which is number nine, for what you do. Now these are interrelated in my thinking, because self promotion without substance is fluff.  Self- promotion, with substance isn’t. If no one knows that you’re doing great work or have terrific knowledge around the subject, nothing’s going to get presented. So to me these two are interrelated with one another.

And number 10 is to mentor others. There’s an old saying give more get more. You will get a lot by mentoring others, and organizations often like people and advance them more when they do mentoring.

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