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The answer to this question shouldn’t surprise you.  But if it does, is a message that you need to learn.


When You’ve Been Made Redundunt, Fired, Laid Off, RIF’d

Will a recruiter give up on a job applicant or a candidate If they are turned down for jobs too often?


If you’re asking the question, my assumption is you are working with contingency recruiters who aren’t going to be paid unless you are hired for a position they refer you to With the result being they have already invested/wasted a lot of time trying to help you get interviews at clients of theirs and you are turning up empty. How many companies do you think they have in their hip pocket that will want to talk with you given the skills that you have?

There are a finite number of firms that want to hire someone with a particular background. I don’t care if you are a kid freshly out of school, you are someone with 2 years of experience  or have 22 or 42 years of experience.  There are only a finite number of firms in your market area that are going to care. Your lack of performance is on you, not on them.  After all, they have gotten you interviews and you are not delivering the goods.

Either you have lied to them about your capabilities OR you just don’t know how to interview. .  Ultimately, these are skills issues that you can improve upon. But you asked whether recruiter would give up on someone . . .  Of course they would.  You are a waste of time. You are costing them money.  Every time they send you out and you fail to deliver, you are costing them a fee.

If you are staff person at this agency (And the statistical probability suggests that the person you are dealing with is a staff person), They are receiving a percentage of that fee that the agency gets.  They are hustling.  They are working for you and you are failing.

Get better.  Stop wasting time and worrying if a recruiter will give up and start worrying about delivering a better performance under interviews.

Don’t Just Apply. Cut the Line!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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We grant permission for this post and others to be used on your website as long as a backlink is included and notice is provided that it is provided by Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter as an author or creator.

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3 Responses
  1. Maurice Levie

    Recruiters stay in a job about as long as a second hand car salesman so the turnover makes it easy to keep hitting them every year. Most of them are clueless alas.
    Interviewing/delivering.. no agency pays for your travel any more so there is no dime to be on any more. You get good at interviewing by being hosed over and over again, until you get smart and demand to be treated as a human.
    Long term.. It is a resume stain to be represented by agencies that are known by their reek, and anyone working too long for companies that are known for their mediocre products will attest to that (attitudes can flip overnight into negative territory after say the dot com “crash”).
    Cruiters that send you to in person interviews that did not do a thorough phone screen times two (in house and client SME) are killing your wallet not theirs (“since you’re not working I’m not wasting your time” – you’ll hear that all the time)

    1. Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

      And, if you think recruiters have a bad job history, take a look at HR people, technology people, accountants, engineers, heck everyone! No one has the job history that they once did and that is what I encourage people (and you, if I am not mistaken) encourage people to do–look out for their careers.

    2. Maurice Levie

      most salespeople have escalating targets that they eventually miss and they bail before they get fired. the only way to get to the top is to build your own practice using people that yet don’t realize their worth before they wake up. or you become a front-end for indian outsourcers, but that adds 5 layers of crazy.

      Engineers stay in a job as long as the company carries you as much as you carry them. there are a few professions you go in to get a career, but keep in mind the word career is the gravy you put on top of all your jobs to make it look is was an upward game ..

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