Many people become anxious about job search. Why? That’s the question I tackle today.

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why do I have so much anxiety about job search
I'm Jeff Hopp in the day game I don't come true helps people perform in a high
level with job hunting hiring more effectively managing and leading you
know workplace related stuff people are afraid of job hunting I can't imagine
why. After all it's your career. It's important. You're being judged and you're
an amateur knowing how much for being judged by people who can make a decision
related to your career and you're untrained and unskilled at the process
the skills needed to find a job are different than those needed to do the
job. People get hired who are incompetent and others scratch their head of
wonder why. You're in a situation where, as an amateur, you can fall victim to the
circumstances created by others and it matters to you so it becomes this
whirlwind of events that creates anxiety the easiest way to get better is with a
coach who can guide you and obviously I do coaching and if we look me up at, you can find out more about the work that I do, schedule
time for a free discovery call or just leap into coaching but you don't know
how to write a resume or and create a great LinkedIn profile. There's networking . . .
You're not real fond of that either.. Interviewing. Woo! In salary negotiation.
These are the big pieces that you're not an expert at. As such, when people are
not in situations where they feel like they are in control, anxiety builds. Like
I said the easiest way is to hire a coach because unlike a friend the
husband, wife or partner, they work for you and those other people are amateurs, as
well even you're hiring your former manager who's a friend they
know what they look for. They don't know how to guide other people well. So, rather
than putting yourself into a situation where anxiety is going to rule it's best
to start practicing and, just like great athletes do, just like great entertainers
do they walk out on the court or on the field they walk out on stage they've
rehearsed. It becomes a lot easier.. I'm Jeff Altman. Hope you found this
helpful. My website is, as I said, Go there. I've got a lot
of information there and it's enormous. and I can put it together for you in one
on one manners in ways that would be more effective for you subscribe to my
channel on YouTube by clicking either the small icon in the lower right or the
larger picture of me in the upper left.. I hope you follow me and I hope this
found this helpful. Have a great day and take care


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