Why Aren’t Recruiters Reaching Out to Me on LinkedIn?

I think I have a good background but recruiters are not contacting me? What’s wrong?

When You’ve Been Made Redundant, Fired, Laid Off, RIF’d

I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.  Someone asked me a great question.  “Why aren’t recruiters reaching out to me on LinkedIn?”

I think LinkedIn is a tremendous place when you want to be hunted.  That’s really what this person is complaining about.  They are not being hunted by recruiters.  Resumes are for when you are the one who is hunting for job and reaching out to firms; LinkedIn is for when you want to be hunted.  Unfortunately, this person isn’t getting contacted and often there are obvious reasons for it.

  1. Bad LinkedIn profile. I haven’t seen the profile. I have asked for it and I’ll just simply say it is certainly possible that someone has a profile that is awful.  Awful basically translates into (1) There is nothing there to attract attention and/or (2) doesn’t use the keywords that recruiters are looking for  when they’re looking through LinkedIn Recruiter (That’s the premium package that LinkedIn sells to companies and search firms that is designed to allow them to search the entire LinkedIn membership for leads). Knowing that, recruiters are using LinkedIn Recruiter and entering keywords, geographic targeting, sometimes they are it entitles, they are putting in compensation ranges, and trying to narrow down the focus.  If your resume doesn’t include relevant keywords, iif it doesn’t include titles that LinkedIn recognizes, your profile will not be returned.

Sometimes, organizations use unique titles and LinkedIn doesn’t know of them.  It has a data dictionary that, if you follow the data dictionary, your job is going to appear is 1 of the search options.  If not, you are not.   If your profile is not congruent with the LinkedIn data dictionary, if it doesn’t have relevant keywords, if it doesn’t do anything to promote you, you are not going to be found.  It has to be keyword rich.

If your profile is that of an entry-level person, if your profile doesn’t have marketable skills, recruiters are not going to contact you because, after all, they are not there to find a job for you.  They are there to fill a job for a client who’ll pay them if you remain on board for 90 calendar days.

Those are the 2 basic things that come to mind as to why you are not being contacted.

I hope you have a great day.  Take care!

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