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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter discusses the role of a recruiter in the search process. (From the archives. I no longer do recruiting. Any open job mentioned during this show was filled years ago)

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good morning it's jeff up in the big
game hunter it's monday morning at 9am
eastern and that's what i like to spend
a few minutes with you providing you
with no BS job search advice I'm
simulcasting live is a google hangout
that you'll be able to watch later on
YouTube but the purpose of this show is
to give you advice about job search
because i believe the job nothing
doesn't have to be so hard it doesn't
have to be some difficult it doesn't
have to be so painful and frankly for
many of you you make the mistake of
believing that if you can do the job
that's being the interviewed for then
you're qualified to get hired for
position and frankly when i found over
the years is that there's a different
set of skills needed to find work that
to do that's where this show my podcasts
by easing my youtube videos are all
designed to be of help to you to teach
you the skills that are needed to find
work apart from the skills needed to do
work now today's shows brought to you by
consulting assignments calm consulting
assignments calm is a site where you can
find info consulting assignments fault
i'm consulting positions temp temp to
primary contract to hire opportunities
anywhere in the world completely free
hosting the job posting resume is free
searching jobs and resumes is also free
as these excuse me has is the ability to
contact one another the only thing to
say to charge us for is if you want to
feature a job or to feature your recipe
then the price starts off at ten dollars
for 30 days and if they're going to be
featuring more than one position the
price of the site drops down to as
little as two dollars for 45 days so
again that site is consulting
assignments calm and I thought today I'd
spend some time talking with you about
the point of recruiters
professionally I'm a headhunter I do
recruiting for 11 I also broadcast on
youtube I podcast I do an e-zine weekly
but most of my income comes from being a
professional recruiter I realized a long
time ago that i'm only going to
completely help a certain number of
people find work because my clients want
people with a specific skill set and if
you don't meet those skills yes i'm
going to put you in a database yes i'm
going to contact you were to have
something appropriate but statistically
i find work for far fewer people that
contact me so i decided to create
vehicles to help people find work and
provide them with information but I've
noticed in recent times that a lot of
folks who are on the employer side are
finding less value in recruiting firms
and I found that as the economy is
soured there's a lot more antagonism
toward recruiters not myself by first
always a lot of people we r you know job
hunters are angry and recruiters of the
face of the employment market so a lot
of their anger is directed toward search
professionals so i thought i would spend
a little bit of time today talking with
you got the role of a recruiter and what
we're involved with so that you can get
more realistic about your expectations
and i want to start by saying first and
foremost or crudos a sales professional
they are hired by an organization and
they are paid by an organization to find
people who fit that firms requirements
if they're not there to coach you unless
they're paying them for culture you may
get some simple basic terms of coaching
that supports them in their job of
filling positions like they may prep you
on how to interview with a particular
client for example or how to construct
the resume for a particular
length of theirs but if if you get free
you get what you pay for and the result
wins at being sometimes people have an
unrealistic idea what a recruiter really
is and they think that there to help
them find a job that's not the case that
their full position for corporation yes
that requires you to be happy with it
but it's not like a recruiter gets on
the phone and says yeah I got your
resume and foliage see if that piece of
paper it's like a resume I bet this
great person you really got to talk to
them they're terrific there you know I'm
a job okay we make another phone hi I
got this great Pro she will use the top
of the different okay it's not how it
works we are paid by companies to find
people to fill jobs so our role is first
and foremost is a salesperson for our
clients and our job is to identify
candidates that meet those client needs
at the same time for many of our
institutional customers and for many of
the job applicants what will also have
evolved into our advisors and
information brokers yes so that often
finding a resume is an easy part of the
job what we also do is help people once
a firm is interested in the role
navigate through the interview process
from initial introduction through to
salary negotiation through your starting
and making sure that you transition into
the role easily after walk unless you
join one of our clients and unless you
stay employed by that firm for a certain
amount of time we don't get paid so what
we wind up doing is assisting or the
people we place in these positions
transition into the new employer now how
do we find people well you know in a lot
of fields you know things have evolved
over the course of time so there's an
access to
information that's become a lot easier
with time like you know when i started
remote in 1971 now you had a file
cabinet full of rice tomatoes and you
advertised I wish in New York really did
runs locally if that toilet you found
positions in New York City and look for
people in your file cabinet and
advertised in the New York Times to find
people to fill those jobs you could cold
calling using the area's tactics to try
and find people to fill your jobs so
ultimately what we we've evolved into or
and again this has taken a certain
amount of time and a professional
evolution for many of us we've evolved
into talent brokers so even though
information about people as far more
readily available now that once was
we're out on the web using a variety of
different tools not just simply job
boards or linkedin but a variety of
other tools as well to research and find
refer to our clients and coach job
applicants through the process of filing
work now from the employer's perspective
we wind up providing and if those of us
that are capable are allowed that you
occurring for the client do our job well
but we do is evaluate assess refer and
manage all the scheduling issues related
to bring the person on board with our
clients sometimes our clients or
employers really want us to be a little
bit more hands-off than others I don't
work with clients like that I refused to
I've got a vested interest in this
situation and I know I'd like to leave
between the parties and at certain times
introduce the parental viewing but I
don't just simply say here's the resume
send you a check when you're higher and
there to coach people of the process
with great information now again that
information is in a variety of different
with air to offer advice to you as a job
hunter to help you through the interview
process to help you through the point
where you ultimately come on board so
yes we find people in a variety of
different ways including our databases
we evaluate and assess you because our
clients are paying us to do that we're
not there to flip resumes like burgers
at white castle to them they don't want
us to reach into a final jewel or to do
a quick database search and then span
them with resumes I know you may think
that's our job but that isn't where job
is they're the ones paying us we work
for them and secondly we work for you so
understand that our role involves this
assessment criteria some firms like
doing this all by themselves and they
think with that readily available
information they can afford to hire
someone to search all these locales on
the web for people then learn that that
person isn't particularly well motivated
in you know just is scanning resumes and
scheduling interviews pointlessly I find
that more like the best able to help a
job is by becoming a trust that
analyzing them it's part of why I do all
this content creation for people is to
help you learn what you need to in order
to find work even if I'm not the party
that's going to introduce you to that
organization I want you to feel
comfortable trusting what I tell you
learning what you need you going to work
so this way even if I'm not at the party
that helps you fall in the position you
want to come back to me referring their
friends to me to me to my content to my
firm to do a variety of different things
that allow you to feel comfortable
trusting me as an ally
that you want to hire people from me
because you trust in my process because
again yes I hope you feel it work but
ultimately responsible to my
institutional customer pavement who
wants to know whether or not the perfect
they're going to schedule for either a
phone or an in-person interview is
qualified to do the job that they need
to have done because their time is
precious to their time is valuable and
they need to use it wisely even with HR
people if you think the job is probably
interviewing people all that leading
resumes will that you're sadly mistaken
they've got a lot more of their plate
than just simply evaluating whether or
not that third resume in their inbox is
a fit for them what I always encourage
job hunters to do is evaluate the
recruiter that you talk with because
obviously there are a lot that are less
capable than others I'm someone with 40
plus years of experience the recruiting
if humans will need to be my first year
I'm a very different person than when I
was back then I know a lot more than far
more helpful than they used to be and
you need to interview recruiters as
though you're interviewing the doctor
yes you may want someone out of the plan
for whom you only have to pay a copay
but when all is said and done you want
to trust that doctor to be able to help
you to help you win their ill help you
with your family as hell and be a great
resource for you recruiters have to be
looked at like your doctor or helment a
lawyer any other professional that you
need in your life that you need to
assess their capabilities not just
simply based upon what they say but
based upon what you hear about them from
others and what you read about them
the web for people who use their
services so that's my advice for today
let me talk with you very simply and
advise you that if you like some of the
things you've heard today if you find
the information has some value come over
my website which is Jeff Feldman calm
and you can listen the previous podcast
in this radio show you can also
subscribe to my easing which is called
no BS job search advice it's published
weekly with advice for job code runs
good any normal world it's a four
hundred ninety nine dollar value I give
away for free you can watch videos and
my website that I've done for you too
but of course they're on youtube as well
my channel there is called the big game
hunter TV all one word the big game
under TV I do videos daily during work
other work we decided to help you find
positions and learn what you need to
know a jeff altman dicom i want you to
go exploring there because there's a lot
of great content information about my
books and guys the job search positions
I'm recruiting for places that you can
post your resume too easy to work with
career builder links there's a lot of
stuff there so come over and go explore
a few final things if you have a
question for me about some aspect of job
hunting go to live person calm look me
up there I'm Jeff Altman you know you
can call me through live person I be
able I'd be happy to answer the
questions if we're not already connected
on LinkedIn semi-connection request
linkedin com /i on /the big game hunter
I accept connection requests from people
all over the world except if you're a
third-party recruiter or the country
known for scams or spam and finally
filing if your firm is trying to hire
someone send me an email at the address
below let me know who actually commit
easy for you send me an email at the big
game hunter at gmail com
you know let me know how to reach you
whether or not i should mention your
name when I contact with a hiring
manager this I'd love to help confirm
staff positions so this is jeff alban i
hope you have a great day taker


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