There are differences in the way things are handled as well as the responsibilities we manage managers. Let me explain.

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I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people with workplace
related issues. That can can involve job search, managing and leading, being
more effective in the workplace, in general, a whole host of different things,
including hiring more effectively. Somebody asked me a question about
the difference between managing a team and managing managers, and how that's
different. Let me kind of walk you through some some things that are obvious to me.
And one is, when you're managing a team, what you're doing is working closely with
the people who are on the line and working with them directly. So, if there's a
problem, you can personally identify the issue because you're probably observing,
and thus you're able to dive in there directly and do things that you can't really
do as a manager of managers to correct things because you're too high level and
there's someone between you and the team.
So, basically, you do things that aren't scalable. You get your hands dirty. You
work longer hours. Sometimes, you micromanage. Those are the kinds of
things you do when you're managing a team.
However, when you're managing managers, you need to look at systems
and processes for them all to operate within and set criteria by which
performance is going to be measured. Thus, it's their responsibility to correct
things and for you to provide oversight to ensure that it's getting done. If they don't
do it, they're replaceable and they're also coachable. I want to make sure that you
hear both of those. They're both replaceable, but first coachable in order to affect change.
Sometimes, when you're leading multiple teams because that is really what we're
talking about, when you manage managers, you're responsible for multiple
teams of people. So, you have to hold those managers accountable to hitting
their goals, and have a process for review in order to debug issues that surface along the way.
Sometimes it's the communications between the managers that's at issue.
Sometimes, they're not effective managing down. Sometimes, they really
don't communicate their successes well and they're not managing up to you.
But fundamentally, you need to have a scalable process in place that's going to
allow you to be effective managing managers versus the unscalable process
of diving into the trenches and doing a lot more.
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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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