Why does it take so long to hear back from jobs? I’ve always gotten interviewed and hired within a few days, but friends are waiting weeks.

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Hi at summation one I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter.. I'm a coach who helps people in a
variety of different ways be effective professionally and here I'm going to
talk with you from a job search perspective why does it take so long to
hear back from jobs I've always gotten interviewed and hired within a few days
but my friends are waiting weeks why is that to me it's obvious that you do
different kind of work than they do and you're doing less skilled
work and they may be doing white collar work the recorder is a specific
knowledge and thus firms who use the excuse that we only want to hire the
best people, the best people, we're going to evaluate and find the best people, that's
the excuse the reality is they don't know how to make a decision so in not
knowing quite how to decide between three or five people or three or 15
people, they keep going on and on until suddenly they go, "I've got to do something. I can't fool around with this any longer.
I gotta wear someone or they get pushed into it by external forces you'll lose
your budget unless you make a decision so the failure is really on the employer
so now on the other side from the job hunter side let me offer another
perspective. Your friends may not know as much as they think they do. They may not
have practiced they may not interview well there's a variety of reasons for
why that occurs and you may do a better job than they and maybe you can help
them but fundamentally it breaks down a couple of ways number one is employers
don't know what they're doing in making a decision and I can simply say the
statistics in the u.s. are 47 percent of employers within 18 months have buyer's
remorse over the person that they hired. I rest my case
on the job hunter side most job hunters don't really know how to
well and they need to improve that. Maybe you can help them. Hope you find this
helpful.. I'm Jeff Altman. Visit my web site tTheBigGameHunter.us
As a matter fact, you can point your friends to that site because
I've got thousands of posts on interviewing answering tough interview
questions and all elements of search that will help your friends find work
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take care


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