In today’s video, I share a story about a meeting I had with someone after their first major leadership experience any advice that I gave him. I’m sure you’ll like it.

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hi I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a coach who helps people
professionally in a number of different ways and I don't want to talk with you
about leadership and share a story with you that was put out recently in a book
called "Cracking The Leadership Code" by. Alain Hunkins. And this story is a true
story I know that because I'm involved and on this occasion he tells a story
about how years ago we were involved with a not-for-profit in New York and I
was further along in my leadership development than he was and we met for
breakfast after his first major leadership experience he had been
approved to assist with leading these weekends that we were involved with and
we met afterwards for a debrief and I brought a present for him. And, you know,
he put the box down next to him. I said, "no no no. I want to see the reaction it's for you
for today so he opens up the foil and then the box and he sees a t-shirt there
and on the front this plain white t-shirt really cheesy looking I must
admit were the words in block print leader and on the back which I
encouraged him to look at was a bull's-eye and he looks quizzically at
me as I said to him welcome to leadership if you're a great leader
you'll be the target of people's hopes dreams even their envy if you're a lousy
leader you'll be the target of people's disappointment apathy and blame you
can't not be a target you'll always be a target so the question is what type of
target will you will you want to be that's for you to figure out folks you
are a leader you know this already but the question is what kind of leader are
you? What do you do to inspire? What do you do to help the people feel inspired
or Azores an organization or as you or he was a manager someone who takes the
life out of people? The choice is yours about what kind of leadership you want to
display I know how you're gonna get measured but you also have to get
measured by the people hope you find this helpful.

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my response hope you have a great day and be great


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