What Is Your Advice for Earning a Promotion at Work? | No BS Job Search Advice

What Is Your Advice for Earning a Promotion at Work? | No BS Job Search Advice

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

An Editor with LinkedIn posed the question that is the title to this post. I offered a response no one else did.


This is the one few will list here–do world class work. Be seen as the best within your organization AND outside your organization. Develop a talent brand for yourself. Get on stage and speak at conferences. Write a book highlighting your expertise. Write articles for LinkedIn. Become a guest on podcasts and YouTube videos. Allow yourself to be recruited for better opportunities. Give notice to take a premium position elsewhere. If they don’t make a counteroffer of significance to stay (money, position, etc.) you were on the slow road to getting ahead and should go elsewhere. Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn described a career jungle gym. There is no working your way up the ladder anymore. You are an individual who has to take responsibility for your career and give up the idea of working your way up the ladder to senior leadership. Look at LinkedIn profiles. How many people have moved up in their organizations 3 or 4 rungs up the ladder. Usually, it is one and they leave.

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