What Is The Star Method in Interviewing?

What Is The Star Method in Interviewing? | JobSearchTV.com

By Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

Here, I explained what the Star method is and offer two additional alternatives and when to use them.

Career Coach Office Hours March 29 2022

The STAR method is a way of answering stories in an engaging manner. Star stands for situation or task, action, result. So they get to a point where they ask a question, “tell me about a time when you (fill in the blank). This is a signal to they use stories. They want to hear about or previous success you had and how you went about doing it.

So you talk about the situation or task you were assigned, the action that you took and the result that you got and the results should be in terms of money saved, money earned, percentage improvement. Now, that’s it in a nutshell.

And if you think about your successes in the field, you can work them into a STAR acronym, into a star story. The story should take about a minute to a minute 15 in length, because after a while, people stop listening, right? Like you’re thinking about clicking away now, right? Because we’re about a minute 45. It seems long to you.  On an interview, it feels even more so. Plus, you can engage them, get them to ask questions of you to follow up. So minute to minute 50.

Now, if you’re more experienced, I want you to think in terms of a different acronym–SOAR. Situation, objective, action, results, because you’re less task oriented. You’re more result oriented, and thus you’ll talk about what you were trying to accomplish within this situation. The action you took and the result that you got.

So there’s a third one–PAR,  like par for the course–Problem Action Result. Third Way of answerng depending upon, if you forget, it’s probably the easiest way, you can always remember “par for the course” and be able to work out a story that deals with Problem, Action, Result.

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