What Is a Brand? Why Is It Important to You and Your Career?

In this video, I start by defining what a brand is and then explain it and why it’s important to you.


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What is a brand and why is it important to you? I'm Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I'm a career and leadership coach. I used to work in recruiting for a long time. And now I coach people and organizations to be much more effective. Now, let me define a brand for you, and thus, elaborate upon why it matters to you, not just in this job search, but throughout your career.

A brand is a concept that helps people identify as an individual, a company or a product, and thus get into people's minds about that product so they don't have to learn about it. They know it. So for you as an individual, it starts off with asking yourself the question, "What am I known for? What is my reputation? When people think about me, what do they think about me for? Are you happy with that? Is that what you want to be known for? Do you want to be known for something else?"

Now, let's look at the baseline of how many people know about you. And thus, for most people, it's a pretty small universe. People you work with, your family, your friends, they have an idea that meeting you is going to help them in some way. And knowing you carries an expertise with you.

Now, if it's not something that you want t,o be known for, or you'd like to be known for something different, what you need to start doing is creating a presence for yourself online, on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter, on any. . . in any trade group that you're involved with any place where you can start becoming known for something. And think in terms of known, liked, trusted and respected for that expertise.

Now, obviously, you need to back it up in meetings with firms. But the idea is you want to be known for a particular type of expertise, because that allows you to cut the line. and thus, you don't have to worry about competing in the same way as everyone else does.

I know . . . you know, when people think of detergent, I'm going to use this as my favorite example, no one goes to the store and picks up two different detergents, looks at the list of ingredients, makes a comparison, and decides to purchase that detergent because one brand is going to make their wash whiter than the other, right? We decide to purchase it based upon price, we were told to buy it, there's a coupon. We make the assumption that at the end of the day, both are going to do the same job. But there's another reason that we make the purchase. That's what you want to be you want to be-- that other reason.

Like years ago, IBM computers were purchased by many IT managers, and the message that the managers got, even though there were other computers with better technology was no one ever got fired for buying IBM. That became part of their branding. It was a safe purchase.

For you and your career, what do you want to be known for? How can you build that reputation and mind share in any number of ways? Do you need to go on a podcast where people are interviewed with that expertise? Do you need to start creating YouTube videos writing? What can you do to become known for that area of expertise?

Do you need to go up on stage at a conference and present? I don't know that answer. But you do. And if you need support with doing it, reach out to me through my website, TheBigGameHunter.us Let's spend a little bit of time talking so that this way I can support you with making this transition and building your brand.

Hope you have a terrific day and, most importantly, be great. Take care.


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter
Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter

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What Is a Brand? Why Is It Important to You and Your Career?

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