Recently, a Windows upgrade caused problems with my laptop, forcing me to use an iPad instead. Here’s what I learned that will be helpful to you with your video interviews.

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Recently, my laptop started to fail me. A Windows Upgrade took out a couple of programs that I normally use. And I start to have these pop ups that wind up being in the center of the screen, warning me about dynamic link libraries that weren't there, or were there in the wrong place, and shouldn't be operating. Repetitive, awful things. In addition, I couldn't use Zoom for anything. It was a horrible experience.

Now, I'm sharing this with you because frankly, what I had to do was use my iPad during that time, and I couldn't use the phone, but I would have had the same problem. You know, in working with the iPad, you know, I had to use the position being up and down with black stripes around me, because I could never make eye contact when it was in the correct position in a way that I could make eye contact with the camera and the person I was talking with and could see them. I just didn't like that experience. I didn't think it was right for others. So to do . . . to make eye contact, I had a look away all the time. Not a good look.

So I'm just going to remind you, the most important thing you need to do when you're doing a video interview is connect with the person you're talking with and that involves eye contact with them. And you also want to be in a position where you're not so far back, that you look small on camera. You want to be forward so that you occupy a lot of space.

Also, a good quality camera. And if your camera on your laptop or device is not of HD quality, get an external HD camera. It makes a big difference. Also gonna remind you audio quality is important too. Now I happen to use an external microphone, it's really good. I'm not trying to sell anything to you today, I'm just going to simply say, make sure your audio quality is great.

And if you're going to use air pods, make sure they're connected to your computer before you get on. So we don't have to go through the watching you connect experience and the interviewer is waiting for your pods to connect. Because they're sitting there going, how long is this going to take? Are they charged? So just make sure that you're hooked up properly.

If you're using a laptop as I am, most of you need to elevate it so that you're not looking down. Or in most cases, you're not being made to look small because you're looking up at someone. My setup involves an external camera on an arm, so it's a little closer to me. And you can see I'm making eye contact.

Also lighting on your face. You know, there's nothing worse than you know you're shaded on one side and light on the other. I see a lot of that. You can buy an inexpensive ring light. And yes, it can be a little harsh on the eyes. And they don't need to be so close to you. You'll see what I mean you can position it well.

Also what's behind you. No one wants to see your laundry. No one wants to see your bed if that's possible to avoid the door. Not a great look. Closet door? Less good. I know if you live in a studio apartment that may be difficult. But try and get to the best place possible. And make sure what's behind you is good. Fewer distractions than anything. Like I know today, the way I'm set up, yes, you can see over on the side there. The bookcase and a few photos and a little bit of the plant that I have on a coffee table with a couch, You really can't see the painting that's hanging on the wall today. There's a little bit of a door jamb that you can see. I was sloppy. That's the best way I can put it.

But I'll just say for you, you know your best setup so you stand that. And also in terms of clothes, just think of something that allows you to stand out against a backdrop that's there. So if it's light, don't wear light clothing unless there's some pattern there. And even then with some patterned clothing, the blurriness that occurs when the pattern is too small.

You need to avoid that same thing with stripes. Stripes could be a problem if you're going for the pinstripe look, but fundamentally the ideal is a computer or laptop where you can make eye contact, have great video. You've done all the prep work there. I have a window in front of me so I have lighting on my face. And make sure you look world class.

I'm Jeff Altman, I hope you found this helpful. My website is Go to the site, go exploring, there's a lot there to help you. In addition, if you're interested in one on one coaching, you can schedule time for a free discovery call or schedule time for coaching. I'd love to help you.

Also, if you're not ready for coaching yet, or not ready to go exploring on the website, just remember, put it into your phones or at a time where you do need me or some of the information that's there. You can circle back again. Jeff Altman, and the website is Lastly, connect with me on LinkedIn

Hope you have a terrific day. Most importantly, be great! Take care!


JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter
JeffAltman, The Big Game Hunter

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